Self Publish your Ebook

Publish your own Ebook

Publish eBooks yourself and not only reach millions of readers on Amazon, you can also sell your eBook through the largest eBook retail network, making your book accessible to more readers worldwide than anyone else. We will have your book online in just one or two days after approval. You will learn how to publish your ebook yourself and sell it on Amazonas, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and more. So, you decided to publish it yourself.

You can enter your name if you are a self-published author.

Write: Share your eBooks and resell them on Amazon.

SINCE JANUARY 2015 HUNDREDS OF SUCCESSFULL CUSTOMERS HAVE LEARNED HOW TO WRITE THEIR OWN BOOKS WITH THIS FUN AND PRACTICAL COURSE. On a week-end you can take this course and start learning to write your own books so that you can do it: you will be able to read them: Spread your books over well-known brands like Amazon, Kindle,,, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Barnes & Noble.

Track the progress of your project with these usable video clips. Now you can use on-line utilities and web sites to build an unseen publication engine. You just do your math. Let it be made public yourself. Regularly and repeatedly generate recurring revenue from accounting fees transferred to your bankaccount. Self- publication a textbook was described as "The new business card".

Just think of entering a room and being presented as an artist! So, if you already have an ingenuity for a work and the precise instructions you need to take to publish it..... Or, if you are an absolute novice and want to achieve an unbelievable performance in your own world?

However, with my course you will find in just one week-end everything I have learnt in a year of my lifetime to begin and finish the I' m Getting Out course, which makes the military service personnel' journey into civil service easier - a topic that is very dear to my heart. To me, this course is a great opportunity. All I want to say is that if you don't totally enjoy this course, you can always get all your funds back within the first 30 working nights after your order.

I publish and sell my works on Amazon and earn a month's salary. Let's begin your self-publication trip together.

Would you like book marketing tips?

You wrote a great work. They don't want to get involved with a conventional editor - or maybe you tried, but they do. So, you decide to release it yourself. Ensure that your product is in the three most important ebooks markets: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple. Every enterprise has a straightforward publication policy (KDP / KDP Select is Amazon, Public is Barnes and Noble).

Above diagram is a pleasant example of the four, but here is some more information for you about KDP, KDP Select and Apple: When your e-book is assessed between $2. 99 and $9. 99, you will get a 70% donation fee quote (see our posting on e-book pricing). Publication of your eBooks on KDP does NOT mean that you create your eBooks exclusively for Kindle.

Amazons has more than 60% of the eBooks sales, so it's stupid not to post on Amazon. The KDP Select is a 90-day programme (with automated re-enrollment, unless you withdraw) that is ideal for new writers (or writers who have published a new book). They must make your titles exclusively for Amazon and Kindle during your registration with KDP Select.

This means that you cannot copy or give away on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Wattpad, Kobo, Sony or even your own website. Amazons has absolutely exclusiv marketing right. Amazons shares the position, so this should not be a Dealbreaker ("especially not for 90 days"). You have 5 working nights during your 90-day registration to make your books available for free (as advertising material).

The information we have shows that they increase your turnover. You' ll receive a licence fee for the sale, but also on the basis of percentage of all KDP loans (from the Kindle Lending Library). Apples: It is not simple to use Apple's online publication. When you choose to release directly with Apples, here are the next step you need to take:

Get iTunes Producer on your Mac (it doesn't work on a PC - you need a Mac). Download your eBook to iTunes Producer and ship it to Apple (you need some essential engineering skills to find out how to do this). Unless you want to learn how to use Apple, Amazon and Barnes and Noble's DTP solutions, there are a number of third-party websites that will help you get your books out and onto the right channel.

On eBooks we will discuss Lulu and Bookbaby. Lulu and Books Baby differ in two ways: At Lulu, your eBooks are only distributed to Barnes and Noble and Apple, which means that you must use KDP to get your eBooks from Amazon. Buch Baby gets your books on all three canals.

Buch Baby charges an upfront publication charge, but gives you 100% of the emoluments. While Lulu is free to be published, it does take a portion of your bonuses. Would you like to get tips on how to promote your book? In 2012, Ricci launched Freebooksy, Written Word's first promotional website, to help her mother, an writer, release and promote her work.

She' a date freak, a bibliophile and a mother.

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