Self Publish your Ebook

Self-Publish Your Ebook

Tick the large white box marked "+ Kindle eBook". To upload your book and cover image, click Publish and follow the simple steps. Publish an eBook on Barnes & Noble These walkthroughs will take you through the entire ebook publication chain on Barnes & Noble's NOOK Press website, one stage at a while.

Begin by logging into a Nook Press user interface. You can use the same log-in for your Nook Press accounts if you already have a Barnes & Noble user group ( "PubIt!" user group, which is BN's old self-publishing platform). Once you' ve signed in, log in to the Nook Press Dashboard home page.

When you publish your works, they appear here on the title page under the "Projects" page. In order to launch a new subproject, just click on "Create new project". First, you will be asked to build a new one. Give your name to your subproject.

The name of the selected projects appears in your projects file. I do not necessarily agree with the name of your textbook, but I suggest that you use the same or a similar name. As soon as you have renamed your new projects, you will be taken to a new user surface, where you will see the task on the right and the more detailled information on the other.

To fill in information about your projects, click on one of the paragraphs on the menu on the left side of the page. You can do this in any order, but you must fill in each section before your eBook projects are final. There are two different possibilities in the section on manuscripts.

Either (1) submit your own script files or (2) use the NOOK Press Interfaces to create your work. For most of the timeframe, you will decide to load up an available work. It is possible to load a doc/docx, a text-files, a html, an html or an epu. NOOK Stores is selling your documents in the form of epoxy files, so if you are uploading anything other than an epoxy, NOOK Press will automatically generate an epoxy copy of your work.

For the most part, I think uploading an epoxy is the best way to keep track of the end game. However, NOOK Press provides some fundamental reformatting rules here, so take some extra reading of them. In order to see their policies, just click on the desired policy size in a new field in blue and a new field with these policies will appear on your desktop.

If your document is properly sized and uploadable, simply click on "Upload Script File" or on the big red arrows. You will see an open download dialogue. Then click on "Choose a share to upload", find the script on your computer and click on "Upload Share Manuscipt File". You may need a few moments to get your uploaded and converted, but when it's done, a new record of information will appear in the field on the right.

Here you can work on your script, change the script files, ask staff to work with you on this book, or create a thumbnail of your NOOK book. You are strongly advised to take a few moments to look at your NOOK book. Once you have uploaded your script, a small square will appear next to "Manuscript" and you can proceed to the next stage.

Select "Cover Image" from the menu on the lefthand side and this new dialogue will appear. You MUST have the artwork between 5KB and 2MB. When you try to load something bigger than 2MB, it will not work! When you have problems displaying your artwork properly, your filesize is probably too large.

Once you have finished your title picture, click on "Select a picture to upload". A system dialogue will appear where you can select your picture from your computer. Browse to the picture you want to use and then click'Upload your artwork'. You will be asked "Would you also like to insert this title picture into your script?

" I' m always saying no, because I already added my picture on the front of my epubs. When you upload a zip or text picture and have not yet inserted your picture into the PDF you should say "Yes" here. When your artwork already had the artwork in the beginning, say "no.

Now you should have a title picture on the page. Then you should also see the greenness warning "Your picture has been successfully loaded! Note that you now also have a tick next to the "Cover Image" section. When you need to change this picture, simply click on this section and select "Replace picture".

A new dialogue field will appear in which you can select and load a new artwork for this projec. There' s a great deal of information in the NOOK Books Details section, but NOOK Press is doing a great work for you. This is where you type in the name of your eBook, the editor, the author, descriptions of the eBook, information about the writer of the eBook and the eBook ESBN.

In contrast to the name of the previous projects, the real name of your textbook will be asked here. Please insert the song exactly as it should appear in the NOOK Shop. Do you have your own publisher or a name for your publisher, please type it here. In case you do not have your own name for your publisher, you can type in your author's name here.

After you have entered this information in your bank information, it will automatically be entered here with your name. Date of release is the date of sales of this volume. Be sure to modify it if you set up a work that you don't offer for purchase for a few day or two.

In contrast to Kobo and iTunes, your copy will NOT be available as a pre-order on the Barnes & Noble website. NOOK do not currently allow pre-orders. The NOOK allows you to enumerate five participants for each work. In order to register as the title owner of the work, enter your first and last name as you would like it to appear on the sales page of the work.

This means that you can use your pseudonym here if you have one! This is the'blurb' for your text. As the back of a hardcover product, this is generally where you tell the scholar what your product is active. Be sure that you want to buy reader with some kind of interesting issue or detail that interests them enough to the work.

You can use a maximum of 5,000 chars in your descriptions. Still verify that your descriptions are listed on the products page as you intend them to be. Exactly as it may sound, this is a case in which you tell the readers about yourself as the writer of the work.

They have up to 2,500 signs to tell the readers about themselves or the authors of the work. Lastly, you must indicate whether or not you have an eBook-specific ISBN for this eBook. When you have an eBook-specific ISBN, you can click "Yes" and a new field appears where you can type the number.

Don't type the number of your printed copy here. Only for your eBook ESBN. In the Category section, you specify the location of your NOOK books in the NOOK Shop. When you have a non-fiction textbook, browse through and see which category best matches your work.

As far as possible, further restrict your group. As soon as you have achieved the closest possible categorisation, this categorisation will be added to your work. After you have selected your catagories, you will also be prompted to type key words in the "other classification information" field. Type as many key words as possible with these 100 chars and separate each key word with a decimal point.

These key words become part of the so-called metadata (the information about your book) and are used to link your readership to your work. Using the above key words, my textbook might have a good shot of appearing when a readership is looking for'Teenager Witch Series'.

Pick the key words that match your text! Among them, you can pick the appropriate category or public for your text. Pick the one that best matches your work. The only thing you need to do is to pick the name of the NOOK script from the drop-down list.

It is a brief and cute section where you give information about where you have the right to publish this volume and what you want the prize to be. Firstly, your "Sales Territory Rights". Generally, they just want to know whether you have the right to publish and circulate this eBook all over the globe or just in the United States.

If you have not expressly concluded a sales agreement and your international copyrights have not been transferred to a publishing house, you as the copyright holder have worldwide distribution privileges. List is what you want to buy the eBook for in the NOOK Store. If you type a prize in the field next to "United States", both the estimated royalty and UK prizes will be filled in automatically.

NOOK Press will pay a license fee of 65% for any book that costs between $2.99 and $9.99. NOOK Press will pay a license fee of 40% for a book with a different cost (e.g. $0.99). Valuate your book anywhere from $0.99 to $199.99. If the checkbox is not checked, you can set your own UK rate.

Lastly, here is whether you want DRM encryption on your NOOK log. When you select "Yes", your eBook will be encoded, making it harder for someone to take the eBook and resell it themselves. If you want DRM in your textbook or not is a private decision, but remember that you can NOT modify it later if you have said "Yes".

For my part, I don't put them on my eBooks. But I find that those who want to rip your eBooks will have the right applications to break the draft, while those who just want to blamelessly move their bought eBooks from one gadget to another will have a headache with draft-coded eBooks.

It' up to you, so do your research and make the choice that's best for you. When you have completed your rights and pricing information, a tick will appear next to this section on your projects page. Publication of a work means that the copyrights to it have lapsed.

So if you have written this by yourself, the response here is "No", this is NOT a game. When your work is part of a show, set this to" Yes". If you do this, 2 new fields will appear asking for the serial name and number.

Enter the name of the show exactly as you have entered it in all other titles in this show. If, for example, the other titles in this show are named "Peachville High Demons", make sure you don't inadvertently say "The Peachville High Demons" here. Each book in the range should have exactly the same name.

Serial number asks for serial order. How do you order this volume? When it is the first volume of the serial, the serial number is 1. When it is the 7th volume, the serial number is 7. Unfortunately NOOK Press does not allow decimal places, so if it is an amendment or a two-part volume, you cannot type `7.5' as the serial number.

Your last job is to type in any edited review you might have. While this section is NOT necessary, some review can help to inspire the reader to buy your work. They can use blog, message article, other writers or any type of media that your books has got. Up to 5 entries can be submitted.

The only thing you have to do is to type in the first and last name of the critic, the name of the critic, the origin of the comment (blog, newspaper, etc.) and then the desired part. As soon as you have a checkmark next to each task or section on the projector's projector window, a grey blister with the text "Publish" will appear at the top right of the monitor.

When you click on "Publish", your eBook will be queued for publication in the NOOK Shop! When you are not finished and still want to make changes or await a particular publication date, all you need to do is saving your information and clicking "Back" to return to your NOOK press page.

You will find the NOOK Press list together with all other NOOK Press products on the Projekte page. You can refresh your script, modify the detail of the work, view, publish or remove the actual prize from this script datasheet. When you are done, click the Publish now! It' now only a question of getting your eBook online and in the NOOK shop at

There may be variations in how much timeframe, but eBooks are usually available within 24-48 hrs of publication. If your eBook is online, the next page on your demoshboard changes from "Publishing" to "Take Off Sale". That removes your eBook from the shop, so don't click there unless you no longer want the eBook for purchase.

Feel free to modify the detail of your textbook - covering type and price - at any point on the NOOK Press page on the NOOK website. Modifications usually go through quite quickly and your eBook remains on the market while the changes wait to go through. Should you have any further queries during the publication of the NOOK product, you can always send me an e-mail or click on "Support" at the top of the NOOK press page to get in touch with our support team or posting in the forum.

KLICK HERE TO START WITH NOOK PRESS! Hopefully this tour has answered some of your queries about how to publish your Nook in the Barnes & Noble webshop.

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