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Self-publishing textbook

With self-publishing, one of the advantages is that you can choose how much or how little support you want when creating your end product. BCcampus Open Education Self-Publishing Guide is a reference for individuals or groups who want to write and publish an open textbook. The guide provides details on preparing, planning, creating, publishing and maintaining an open textbook. Authors who long for independence and full control over their work may consider self-publication a good option. Writers can create, publish and promote textbooks and other educational content in Kindle Stores for free, reaching millions of readers worldwide.

Groundbreaking 10 self-publishers for your next textbook projects

Self-journalism, not to be mistaken for vanity publication, is now seen as a much more practical way of releasing a textbook. Self-publishers provide a broad spectrum of support ranging from script processing to layout and dissemination. You as the writer often have full command over every phase of the designing, publication and advertising processes.

If you opt for self-publication instead of following the conventional path, these ten self-publishers are the ones to research and consider: Lulu and LuluSome of the advantages of self-publishing is that you can select how much or how little support you want when building your end work.

They not only provide three different all-inclusive plans, but also various options to suit you and your projects. An interesting part of the CreateSpace software is the possibility to create a "preview" of your books with your buddies, your relatives, your collegues and even the CreateSpace communities before you finish and start your work.

It is also possible to contact other writers within this fellowship for guidance and insights into the publication and advancement of your work. SmashwordsYou are looking for a cost-effective, minimalistic way to self-publish your Smashwords project, Smashwords can be it. They' re providing free marketing and distribution utilities for your books, but they don't really do those things for you.

When you publish with them, you get a 60% royalty from large merchants and up to 80% at the Smashwords Store. eUniverseiUniverse provides several different packs to help you achieve your author objectives. Their website says that "many recognised writers have found more commercial or even conventional publishers' products thanks to these programmes".

Architect PublishingMay be the most costly item on this mailing lists, but you can choose from several different package options to find the best solution for your needs. Architectural Publishing also provides comprehensive authoring assistance and service, which includes (in high-level packages) an authors profiles movie and a corporate publisher. WordclayBasic packs are available for selection and additional editorial, styling and merchandising activities.

They can publish in e-book or use their print-on-demand-technologies. Worldclay ensures that your printed books are available to tens of thousand of retailers around the world and that your e-book is shared with well-known e-book shops such as Amazon's Kindle Store, Apple's iBooks Store and Barnes & Noble's NOOK Books Store.

According to the website, IngramSparkE-book and Print-on-Demand are available for only $49. IngramSpark links "your eBook with every large e-book dealer in the world". At IBJ PublishingIBJ we pride ourselves on our customers support and commitment to excellence. In contrast to some other self-publishers on this mailing lists, IBJ uses a more fundamental approach where the writer is in charge of his own sales and promotion (although offering a sales promotion tool at extra charge if an editor so desires).

There are no charges to upload and sell your e-book with Digital Draft2Draft2Although and you get 90% of the charges, they also do not provide any writing service like artwork or covers articlen. But if you are looking for a basic, uncomplicated method that still has some advantages, this may be your one.

Are you looking for more self-publication advice and materials? Did you consider to publish yourself?

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