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Self-publishing Photobook

The BJP publishes a three-part series of advice on how to create and promote a photo book. "Photo books are one of their most popular products and their BookWright software includes easy-to-use features that make it easy for you to create and customize your book. Photographer is responsible for all aspects of production, marketing and sales. Select a format to publish your book yourself. What is so special about photo books - and how do you make your own?

Getting started with a winning photo book is not what you think - British Journal of Photography

On the occasion of the introduction of the Bob Books Photo Book Award, a new contest by Bob Books, the British on-demand photo book printers, BJP is releasing a three-part cycle of tips on how to produce and market a photo book. The first part contains valuable tips from publishers and successful travelers on what to think about before dipping in.

The production of a photo book is an important landmark in the careers of any photo artist and requires an enormous amount of effort in terms of quality, effort and resource. Featuring so many photo books released every single working days and a lower than ever before pub, how do you make a book that suits your projects, sets them apart, and above all, sals them?

Dewi Lewis, a publishing house that has been in the business for over 30 years and has worked on novels with artists such as Martin Parr, Edmund Clark and Stuart Freedman, says that the point of departure for any professional must be the question of why he or she wants to make a book.

"This is a big issue for photographers," says Lewis. So to take a break and find out the reason for creating a book should be at the top of every prospective photobookmaker's heap. There' s a catalog of motivations why a photo artist could go on this journey: to further his careers, to establish an exposition, or because it is the result of nature for a particular work.

As soon as a photgrapher has thought and made up his mind why he wants to make a book, he has to think and sketch what the book will look like - and decide what shape it will take. Here, too, there are many possibilities, from the production of a hand-made book to the use of print-on-demand technologies and even conventional techniques for folding and tying.

It is also important to think about the prospective audiences for your book, as this can affect the way you do it. tuart Freedman - who has released his book The Palaces of Memory (on the coffeehouses of Delhi) with Dewi Lewis and is working on a second The Englishman And The Eel on London's cake and must deals - acknowledges the importance of knowing and understanding his audiences.

"When you don't know that, you shouldn't make a book," he says. In the end, the first phase of your design is all about thorough research - as much as possible about the publisher and where what you propose is best for you. She has made her Cosmic Surgery book and has consulted and recommended this method to publishers such as Gordon MacDonald of GOST Books.

If you' re considering creating your own photo book, Bob Books invites contributors to send in a project to have your work published as a customized, temporary photo book. Participation is free and the contest is open to international film-makers. Follow us for the second part of our photo book collection, where publishers and professional publishers give tips on how to create and create a winning photo book.

Co-funded by Bob Books: It was made possible by the help of Bob Books. With Bob Books, photographers can personalize and personalize their photo books and print materials. BJP's Bob Books Photobook Award is a Bob Books contest that introduces the BJP team.

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