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Free Self Publish Ebook

Sorry, but you can't publish your eBook and set the price at Amazon to "free". An eBook works just as well if you only want to sell your book. A nice thing about self-publishing an eBook is that you get to set the price.

Publish yourself

If you are a novelist working on the next big US novel, an Englishman teaching your pupils the passion for literature, or a non-profit organisation creating a member cookery book, SELF-e is a way to make your work accessible to the people. Post now!

Library Journal awards the best self-published e-books in the following genres: There will be a single winning book in each category and each winning book will be awarded $1,000.00 US dollars by Library Journal. In addition, all recipients and honorary mentioners will be reviewed in the Library Journal, which will be advertised in an ad, in the December edition of the Library Journal "Best of Books", and at the Library Journal's Self-Published Ebook Awards ceremony during the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting.

Like one publishes an Ebook: Journals Instructions

Now as an independant writer you have the opportunity to advertise in many stores. However, this force does not come with practical guidance. Therefore we have created these practical information graphics to make self-publication easier. These guidelines show you how to create your own e-book, how to make it available on Amazon and how to sell your books through other e-retailers and print-on-demand.

For those of you who have never even released an e-book yourself, please begin here with our illustrated guide to self-publication. Dismantles the stages from beginning to end. More than likely, you will want to trap Kindle in your e-book publishing layout because it is cornering a large lump of the online reader business.

Here is how to release an notebook on Amazon. Once you have registered with Amazon, here are some other places where you would like to sell your work. In this case, our information comparison between self-publishing and conventional publishing can be helpful.

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