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Free Self Publish Ebook

There are a number of online publishers that allow you to publish your eBook for free. Free-of-charge eBook publishing for entrepreneurial independent authors. Do you deserve more from writing, ebooks, self-publication - Carol Tice. Or, perhaps you would like to join the masses by skipping the slow, traditional publishing route and publishing yourself instead. We use free eBooks as one of the cornerstones of our marketing strategy.

Self-Publishing: How can I give my eBook away for free?

The most ebook store/distrubutors allow you to do this easily by adjusting the cost of your eBook to $0. Hi, I recently made "TITLE" by Autorhor (ASIN: ####################) on a number of other free onlineshops. You can find it free of charge under the following links:

Can you get Amazon to buy this one for free? Others use the "Report a lower price" function on their eBook page. By registering with KDP Select, you can give your copy away for 5 of 90 working day. You can use smash words to generate vouchers for any books you own.

When you have a particular destination for which you would like to give the product as a free gift, you can generate a voucher to receive the product for free. Booksprout, Bookfunnel and InstaFreebie are the most important. With Bookfunnel and Instafreebie you can design an individually designed page for your Bookfun.

Bookssprout allows you to set up an Creator Advertising page where you can post and edit your book(s) that you want to publish for free without having to change the links anywhere. It' great for writers who want a unique back cover for their e-books. They can use calibers to build e-books from a.docx document.


A writer is an writer - traditional or self-published - who adopts an entrepreneur's skilled ways of building a company and developing several sources of income around his work. Dave asked me to tell you how I was able to create a deal around my first novel Umbilicus, which I myself released in 2016.

This is a view of the coming weeks and the author's textbook starts in Cape Town.

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