Self Publish Comic Book

Self-published comic book

Like publishing a comic book yourself. As the Internet emerges, you no longer need to be noticed by major publishers to bring out your comic book. You have a comic book you want to do, you can do it. The way to publish a graphic novel is a guest contribution by Ben Galley. Publishing a printed comic is no longer as easy as it used to be.

Self-publication of comic books & graphical books

Wherever I look today on-line, there are tens of successful self-published writers published in blog and popular cultural newsgroups. Usually these tales have to do with a choice to give up the conventional way of getting closer to the big book companies by immersing upside down in the e-book business and are mainly fuelled by the Kindle's explosion in population.

However, how does Kindle Direct Publishing provide comic-strip artists with the best results? In many respects, I can say that it resembles "novelists", but in some respects is very different. It was one thing to read the best of Marvel and DC comic books, but controlling the destiny of my favourite super heroes by creating my own renderings and then getting feedbacks from other supporters was uplifting.

Shortly after high school, I thought it was right to do what was right. In collaboration with a very gifted performer, Jin Song Kim, our first comic strip production was adopted and released. However, after a poor press release it was the right moment to get a new one.

Almost forward to 2011, and the enthusiasm for the e-book industry became too vociferous to overlook. Whilst many e-book writers use advanced converting tools, my broad backgrounds in graphics and web authoring have allowed me to do the job myself. After I listed my first graphics novel in the Kindle Shop as I went on with my regular lives, I didn't get my hope up.

I didn't even review my sale report for three month after it was posted there. What? I couldn't get home quick enough to run it on-line. For us, the e-book sector had leveled the pitch against the threatening hills of shattered visions of the big publishing houses.

A little over a year later we released our latest 200-page graphics novel PANDORA End of Day now. Resolutely committed to trying out all e-book stores. However the variety of writers who blogged about the programme was difficult to overlook. The surest period to test KDP's 90-day contract was this year, just enough before the normal Christmas hype.

And look, just in the first months of June alone, the number of downloaded files rose significantly and rose even further with the release of Kindle Unlimited. The book has also risen in the top-ranking. Were we supposed to be in KDP Select the whole while? It' not just the heyday of comic book writing, it already is.

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