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Choose a matt or glossy surface for your book. Upload the print-ready cover file or create your own using the Cover Creator tool within Createspace. Use the following resources to meet your self-publishing needs:. That's probably the most important question I get from the first publisher. A number of authors ask: "Where is the money with self-publishing books?

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In contrast to the famous saying, many people will rate your book by its envelope. That' s why it is important that you wear your book for your own personal gain. Whether hardcover or hardback, our ready-to-sell envelopes not only stand the "eye test", but are also maintained at a higher standard of shelf life and product-life.

If it' s about your book, a hot front page will definitely not work against you. Combine this with razor-sharp text and clear-cut, non-glare or non-dazzling papers and not only win at the printing match, but also offer your clients an improved reading-enjoyment.

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But with the right advice and a competent printing company you can find the right solutions for your projects. We have a committed and experienced staff of printing professionals to assist you with your projects, advise you and work with you from beginning to end. When you are looking for a cost-effective way to produce your book, then using a short-run inkjet printing system like CMP is the right one.

While we can produce printable booklets from your own printable documents, if you don't know how to make a document, don't worry, we have a great team to help you. So, whether you just want a few of your self-published book in the press - maybe for your loved ones and your loved ones - or if you want to see your book for purchase on Amazon, CMP Book Printing is here to help.

Download your data directly via our Secure FTP - click here - please contact us to receive your access data and your personal key. Please send two seperate PDFs, one for the front page with all lettering and pictures and a 3 mm trim area.

If you wish, we can provide you with instructions on how to install the lid. Retrieve the inner PDF in one-page order from page 1 to the back of the book, with all writings and pictures. If you want a book in'B' style, the page should be 197 x 134mm in use.

Ensure that the script is in a single document and has not been opened. Should you have any queries regarding the submission of files, please call CMP Book Printing on 01202 739993 and one of our customer service representatives will be pleased to help you. Each book has its own unambiguous identification, known as the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The ISBN is the number used for all the ordering, storage, cataloging, sale and surveillance of the sale of your book. Wherever your book is published, it will have the same ISBN and this will be different from any other. The CMP Book Printing offers its customers self-publishing and ISBN delivery service.

We can do this for those of you who do not wish to buy and conclude the service through Nielsen Book Data UK. For an ISBN number, you will receive the following: Printing, binding and providing 7 lawful custody account and The British Library book duplicates, which are part of the statutory requirements of ISBN register.

If you would like more information on how to purchase your own ISBN, please call us on 01202 739993. Nielsen BookData UK is the ISBN agent for the UK and Republic of Ireland - the resource from which all new bookings must be purchased. When contacting the agent yourself, you must buy a set of ten ISBN' s and it is up to you which one you use for the book you want to use.

Since we have established a strong relationship with Nielsen BookData UK, we can only give you a unique ISBN if you need it. Assign the International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs). Consulting on the proper use of ISBNs. Maintain the overall data base of ISBNs, both used and available.

Is the only worldwide unparalleled worldwide bookselling registry and watch. Provide editors and self-publishers with public ratings and market information. Their manuscripts (inner file) should be sent in the format of a full text and not in the format of a set of texts. The most common typeface is Times New Roman typeface (11pt).

The most important thing is to adjust the page to the right page format right from the start, saving you a great deal of your own valuable resources. As we do not make any changes to your documents, you must make sure that they are sent exactly as you want them in.

It is our goal to help you make your book as cost-effective and efficient as possible without compromising your customer experience. If you are adding images to your self-publication book, it is important to know that you and you alone must own the copyright or have received authorisation from their owners to use them.

Make sure that the pictures are printed in a good image resolution and have at least 300 dpi. Everything that is lower can look good on any computer, but will certainly look horrible in printing. If color pictures are used, make sure they are NOT RGB but CMYK. Also keep in minds that it is less expensive if you have a few colored pages in your book to group them in a'plate section' in one or two places in the book.

To save costs, remember that monochrome prints are much less expensive than color prints, or group them as described above. There is an old adage: "Never evaluate a book by its cover", but it seems in contradiction to the fact that many of us do.

So it' important to remember that selling your book (to a large extent) is influenced by the look of the book jacket, so never take the importance of your book designs for granted. Just don't take it for granted. Just take it for granted that your book will be sold in the future. We kindly ask you to make sure that the files delivered to us are in PDF and CMYK formats. Place all the book covers, back and spines in a central location in a unified document and in the same continuous 3mm trim and trim, if you can.

We can provide you with precise instructions for the installation of the lid if required. With our expert team we can help you create your covers in a print-ready PDF file by contacting us on 01202 739993.

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