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Instead of looking for another publisher, Yiannopoulis decided to publish himself and his book was put on the Amazon bestseller list. self-publish with the most creative self-publisher in India. Find out how you can publish a book in India with the first Indian book publishers. Be an author with professional, expert self-publishing service. A publishing expert offers you added value when publishing your book.

Letterpress - self-published

We' re guaranteeing 48-hour printing. Hardcover and coil hardcover in 5 working nights. Price as low as $2.50 a year. Twenty-five free textbooks starting at 100 pieces! They can order up to 10 copies, but most of our writers order at least 100 to get their 25 free copies.

We gave away over 98,000 free copies last year, and this year we will give away even more! So, click on the big online instant pricing on the right to get pricing, then place your order and get your free part. We' re making it easier for you to do self-publishing, from beginning to end.

From new self-published to experienced self-publishers with multiple previously published works, we can help you get your works published quickly. Just Getting Self-Published? Help you create your own text pages, from the page sizes to the typefaces you can select for your headings.

We can also help you with the design of your covers. With our Create-a-Cover you can determine the look of your album. Just load up the pictures or artworks you want and we will put everything together to create a complete covers for a small part of the costs.

Already a self-publishing specialist? You may have already gone through the processes of designing, laying out, preparing files, proof-reading and finally writing your work. We are still the FASTEST letterpress printer in the business. With unparalleled possibilities that many of our rivals cannot provide (such as case fixing, spooling, full-color print and combobooks - a mix of some monochrome and some full-color pages), we have a great deal to give the experienced self-publishing-experts.

A FREE self-publication! We' re making it simple to make it public ourselves, from beginning to end. If you are new to self-publishing or an experienced self-publisher with several already published works, we can help you to quickly reprint your work. When you' re done with your textbook, you might ask yourself: "What do I do now?

In the following we have described some easy ways to get into the self-publication world! Don't overlook proofreading your books before sending them to us for print! It is recommended that you read your text and re-read it until you can no longer bear it..... and then continue with it.

Locate relatives or acquaintances who are willing to check your text for typing or grammar mismatches. Dealing with your work may be the hardest part of the self-publishing experience, but you' ll be happy you did it! There is nothing more serious than to hold the completed work in your hand and to realize that there is a typo on the first page.

ISBNs are a number that uniquely identifies your work. A lot of ledgers have the same or similar title, so booksellers and booksellers use an ESBN to make sure they order the right one. Bookshops (including on-line bookstores) will not stock your product if it does not have an IBN. Every peer-reviewed edition of the textbook (paperback, hardcover, ePub, MOBI, PDF, audio etc.) has its own mySBN.

For 48 Hour Books we provide packs that contain the following: This is an example of a barcode we generated from the ISBN. A ISBN is like a series number that uniquely identifies the editor, writer, and cover of a work ("book" and other information). Most than likely, you will need an ISBN if you are planning on the sale of your product (and you will definitely need one if you are planning on the sale it in bookstores).

If you want to have a unique identification number on your books, you must have an ID number. Please let us know in the "Remarks" section of your order and we will place the logo on your letter. Also, don't authorize your covers if they don't have your own bars.

Then we will reprint your ledgers without a bar code. When that happens, we can best produce bar code tags that you can stick on any work. Copyrights include both public and private works. Once you have authored your work, you are the automatic owner of the copyrights. A lot of writers decide to have their text reprinted while they wait to be heard back from the author's rights group.

The next step is to choose what your textbook should look like. How big should it be? To get an impression of how large your library or bookstore usually is, you can go to it. There are four default formats available (4. 25 x 7 inch, 5. 5 x 8. 5 inch, 6 x 9 inch and 8. 5 x 11 inch), but we can fit almost any customized format (we can even run 12 x 12 inch books)!

There is a front and back front and back covers for each of your books, no difference how easy your work is. If you are submitting your data for print, you must provide us with both the inside and inside pages. There are several possibilities when it comes to the design of a printed album: a short description of the album::

Customize the cover: There are three different parts (front, back and spine) or you can make your own covers in one single item that covers the whole album. We' ve got some useful information about what sizes you need to make your covers, in the "Before I place my order" section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

With our Create-a-Cover you can determine the look of your album. Just load up the pictures or artworks you want and we will put everything together to make a complete covers for a small part of the price. It is the best choice if you are not able to make the covers yourself, but have something complicated in mind for your album.

You can have a one-to-one collaboration with a copy of your artwork to make your covers look exactly the way you want them to. As soon as the artwork is finished and you are sure that your pages are the right sizes, make sure that all your documents are printable. In order to be able to print, we need PDF documents so that you can have your documents converted to this file type.

Or if you are a new self-publisher and don't want to bother with it, just submit your Word documents to us and we will exchange them for 50 dollars. Once you have saved your document as a single or double click on it, you should carefully review it before submitting it to us for a printer.

All bugs in your PDF file will be displayed in all your ledgers. You can save your covers in PDF file or save them as . jpg, . jpeg, and.... With our calculator you can easily see how much your print and commitment will be.

Ordering on-line is quick and simple..... of course, if you have any issues, you can call our support staff and they will be glad to guide you through the entire proces! Once you have placed your order, you will be asked to load your data directly into your order; all proof-reading and processing should be done long before your data is shipped.

We' ll provide you with correction guides together with your correction data. When your photographs look coarse on the 200% display, they will probably be coarse when they are reprinted in your work. SIDES: Make sure the page is the right one. A computer display differs greatly from a print product.

When you have colours you want to adjust, either submit us a paper pattern and we will try to adjust it, or you will receive a paper copy of your copy and make sure the colour is right. Ensure that the work is exactly what you want it to be. If you unsubscribe, tell us to start printing just like the PDFof.

However, please keep in mind that as soon as you log out, your book will be printed. Stage 8: We reprint your book! As soon as you have signed your hardcopy we begin the process of publishing and tying your work! When you confirm your receipt Monday at 16:45 EST, your book will be shipped on Wednesday. However, if you are waiting 20 extra 20 mins and do not confirm your evidence by 5:05 pm EST on Monday, the authorization will be considered Tuesday, so your book will not be shipped before Thursday.

Perfectly hardcover book shipments in 2 working nights, case and package book shipments in 5 working nights. Akron, Ohio, UPS Ground is our default delivery option, so remember that it can take several business hours before your book is shipped. If you have a particular demand date, please get in touch with us and our support will work with you to find the cheapest way to get your book on it!

Although we do not provide any sales or merchandising service at 48 Hour Boks, we know that this is one of the most important stages in self-publishing. The way you promote yourself and your product will decide how well your product will be sold..... and how much you will make!

In the following you will find some hints and hints for the commercialization and distribution of your book: Though it may seem like a no-brainer, fostering your product on party instrumentality much as Facebook, Twitter and Interest is your bargain-priced and possibly your most hard-hitting way of deed the information out active your product.

Maybe you know someone who knows someone who wants to help you selling your work! Look if store in your area are selling your product and research what needs to be done to get your product into bigger chains bookshops. Create booksignatures and releaseparties to spread the message!

Create a flyer for your local signatures or releases in the city and make sure you have enough pieces to make sure you have enough to go selling the date of your show! Do you want to buy your album? Forty-eight Hour Boks can deliver directly to Amazon if you supply us with mailing stickers (you must arrange this with Amazon in advance).

Check if other on-line bookstores offer your books for retail! And it never hurt to have a website devoted to your work. Publish information about yourself and the work on your website.... as well as the opportunity to get in touch with you to buy a copy. This way, when someone searches for your textbook on-line, they have a source with all the information they need to know.

Do-do some research on-line for booking and you will be surprised by the amount of information available! Self-publishing and 48 hours of reading -- A great publishing team!

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