Self Publish a Book for free

Free self-publication of a book

Choose to pay people to convert your book into an eBook format, or use some of the free services available on the Internet, such as Calibre. It can take longer to do it yourself, but it is another way to reduce the cost of self-publication. We can help you if you use InDesign, have a PDF or need a free tool. It' going to be a crisis on your search, so you could call it The Self-Publishing Glove. When you don't raise the money, your sponsors pay nothing and you don't have to print the book.

Self-editing a book for almost free

She is a self-publishing specialist, non-fiction journalist, creator of over 21 eBooks and former journalist. An article by Bill Holland (going from cheapybuc to, How Hardware Is It to Get Published in the Real World, began some vivid commentaries and discussions about today's publication opportunities for authors.

I found the story inspiring to exchange my experiences with self-publishing a book and an e-book.... and how to do it almost for free with the Amazon Createspace-plattform. It reminds me of the hard times of self-publication: conceit machines, home-made printing orders, payment for advertisements..... I am glad that we now have so many ressources to carry our messages to the rest of the globe.

Amazons Createspace offers self-publishers the ability to publish hard copy printed on-demand, e-books (for Amazon Kindle and portable media with the free Kindle app) and audiobooks or audiobooks. As a result, it is helping to attract a broader audience with both book and multi-media content. These are some hints to save trouble, frustration, hassle and cost when using this publication platform:

You can use the provided Word templates and build your own. The free Microsoft Word printing book templates are available for free from Createspace. At the time of this letter, it is in an old MS Word 1997-2003 file that may cause some trouble for those working with later Word releases. Enable the Word Formatter Preview to see where you might encounter parenthesis or section breakages.

When you have released your first book in this way and all your formating work is done to your full liking, make a copy of this Word file and use it as a reference for your next book by just copy and paste your new text into your original it. You can use the Free Createspace Tools to make your cover.

Create space has several different covers that can be selected according to the number of pages and the bleed sizes of your book. They' re professional-looking and allow you to customise the colours, typefaces, covers and text. CREA TEXT: Why would you want to go through the frustrations of making a great customized artwork and getting it to produce ready-made specifications when CREA TEXT SPACE will do it for you.... for free?

Use caution with your back copy! Check the artwork thoroughly and work on the text to avoid hyphenation if necessary before concluding. Have Createspace build your Amazon Kindle Ebook. Previously, writers had to build the actual versions of their work on Createspace and then go through the entire publishing lifecycle again on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Now that you are creating your print book, there is an optional way to do so. You will be able to have the system generate it for you and associate it with your Kindle publication accounts and reports. If you sign in to KDP, you will see the creation room symbol next to the book you made there.

Another added benefit is that it will create a Kindle book artwork from your Createspace artwork. Lots of would-be writers are horrified when they find out that even if a major publishing house gives them a book writing agreement, they still have to do a great deal of their own advertising to sell prints.

That'?s the publisherbiz. A self-publisher is also a shop! There is no self-sales of textbooks and other information items. Promote your book at Amazon. If you publish your book on Createspace, a dedicated website will be set up to promote your book. However, it does not provide the Kindle e-book copy for purchase on this page.

You will need to specify a second Amazon sell -side for your Kindle release. Also, most of us are used to shopping everything and everyone on Amazon at this point in the game. Ensure that your book and Kindle book are there for you. If the Createspace system asks if you want to sell it at Amazon, it is advisable to say yes and does not charge you any more for it.

Throughout the creation the system asks whether you want an extended deployment inadvertently. It makes your book available to other on-line bookshops through bookstore chains, colleges and directories. So the more places you can get your book, the more chance you have of making a sale.

Leverage your online and online communities to promote your book. You cannot buy directly, but you can give the floor to those who want it. You can use your book as your business card. When you write a book to establish your business reputations, you are sending information about it to your best prospect.

Since you can buy cheap hard copy of your printed book from Createspace, this can be a very efficient selling instrument. Get in touch with book clubs. It'?s all right. When your book is a myth, please submit information to book associations and other organisations interested in the story you are shooting. Allow them to review the book at a personal or on-line meet.

You could even select your book as one of your choice clubs, which means more turnover for you. Self-publication readiness? As I was looking for a self-publishing site, the following tape appeared on a "Recommended for You" mailing lists that I saw while viewing a friend's film.

It is a few years old and the information about Createspace has been modified regarding the format for the file to be uploaded (PDFs not required). However, the idea of making a book by incorporating your own idea, using a book as your leads generator, selecting a book titles and name domains are interesting notions.

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