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self-publication of books

AS YOU CAN PUBLISH OR CO-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK. As one publishes a book. The waiting times or the uncertainty of being published are long gone. Traditionally, the book is only published if the publishing costs are borne by the publisher. The new BookLife site for self-published authors!

Publishing your next publication yourself

The majority of scholars look down on self-publication and prefer to pass on their scripts to renowned publications. However, self-publishing is becoming more and more common as it offers a number of benefits over the conventional publication style. I' m going to post in this diary the next step I'm taking to release my own Productive Researcher.

Subject to when you come across this, you can only have the first few footsteps, but keep getting back, and hopefully in a month or so, I've released the product and you have everything you need to repeat the cognition if you want. I' ve released my first Routledge and I' m about to write another one for Sage, but I' ve released my second one myself and I' m doing it again for my next one.

First of all, you will see that I have not completely abandoned the conventional publishers paradigm. You' ll gain immediate plausibility when you start working with an incumbent, reputable publishers, and in some cases that's important. In cooperation with the United Nations, my first publication on the subject of global warming needed the gravity of an incumbent impressum (Earthscan) from a well-known publishers (Routledge).

In my second volume, I dealt with a much less controversial topic on which very little was known ( "research impact"), and therefore did not need the press image of an incumbent publishing house to draw an public. Completing the first design before going on vacation earlier this months, I sent it to 10 of my collegues who I thought could largely reflect my final destination for my copy of the magazine and who I thought would give me useful feedbacks from different angles (e.g. early versus later careers, UK versus abroad, university versus professionals).

I' ve got the feed-back at the beginning of this weeks and I' ve spend most of this weeks replying (I've added 25 pages of new contents in reply to their great suggestions). Today I sent it to my proofreader, a college colleague who had a careers in editing with Harper-Collins and others before settling down as a freelance.

I have a pre-reviewer, Phil Ward from the University of Kent, who reviewed the script he released today. I' m going to speak about the story on next week's webcast, followed by three fullweeks of extracts from the film. Start your one-on-one: Citing Phil's tweets this lunchtime, I asked my Twitter web to join my launching crew (a little hasty that they would get a free PDF copy next weekend before I checked how long it would take my proofreader).

It is the brainchild of the launching crew to give a number of enthusiasts (ideally with a few influencers) an early copy of the text so that they have plenty of free reading in the next few week, on proviso that they post an accurate commentary on the text on Amazon.

I will make the Kindle free one weeks before the start of the project and ask the launching staff to get a free copy of the Kindle release and then post their reviews (so that it is an honest feedback from someone who purchased the product so that Amazon recognizes and numbers the reviews in their statistics).

I aim to start with at least 20 5* review and I will postpone the start date if necessary. âThis is high venture in theory as I can get waste conclusions, but given the affirmative feed-back I got on the first scheme from my example public, and the fact that I repaired the issues they pointed out, I am quite convinced.

Starting date: I want to publish the work at Birmingham City University, where I have learnt and practised many of the things I'm talking about in the work moderated by my former head, to whom I devoted the work. We' ve fixed the start date at October 11. I will have my proofreader by September 4 and I will ask that the artwork be finished the same date to submit the reviewed and crafted PDF files to my launching group.

It is required by the printers by 11 September at the latest to set the start date, but I am hoping to receive it early so that they can mail me a copy of it. E-mail launching team: I sent the first e-mail to my launching staff and told them that they will receive the product on September 4 and will have it by October 2 to finish reading, willing to check it out a weeks before my Amazon release.

The e-mails I sent and the e-mails I sent to my staff over the next few months can be viewed here. Today I sent the PDF file to my launching staff. I' ve never done anything I took so much care of, so it was a surprise emotionally charged one.

I' m now both agitated and anxious about the reaction I'll get next months when my launching crew starts to write their review! There are 55 persons who have received the copy of the booklet. I had sixty followers, mainly via Twitter, but I only accept those I felt were clear in my targeted area.

I' ve published the invitations on Twitter to make sure that the most critics are in the public eye, so that we can cause a little sensation during the introductory weeks. Some of them recruited more than I' m normally advised to join my launching staff on the basis of my own experiences with The Productive Researcher.

I sponsored this work for free for one whole weeks and then for a following weeks at ninety-nine point. This will increase the number of responses and increase your sale sufficiently to take your product to the top of your class, which will further increase the amount of sale that continues in the full priced series.

I gave priority to selling Hardcopy for my new product, as this was the primary research impact handbook store, and I was able to make the Hardcopy look as good as possible, so I want as many folks as possible to be able to buy it in this state.

That' s why I rely on the ratings of my launching teams, as they tend to increase paper sell. Even though the product will be available for free on the Kindle Shop the weeks before it is released (so that the launching staff can get it before they write their review, so that they write about "verified purchases"), I will not be active in encouraging it.

September 12: Hardcopy proofs are now in the mail, on their way to my designers and photographers, and to my proofreader to capture all definitive mistakes in the print one. Materials used to finish the book are still on order, so I won't see the completed book until I receive the major order.

Last weeks Times Higher Education received a statement and last night I was told that they were interested. I' ve sent my reworked report with a bid to all 40 Blackwells bookstores in the UK, as they are usually at university. I suggest they sale the product for 18. 99 which is only 20p more than it will cost on Amazon inclusive of shipping and packaging and will offer you the product for 14 per copy plus shipping if you order 10 prints or more.

But it was a 30-minute gig, and I think it might work - we'll see! September 22: I organized an evenings talk at Birmingham City University where I will present and debate the idea of the work. I will not describe this as a "book presentation" and will only have a few with me that particular date and concentrate on the idea and debate as a motive for my arrival rather than an occasion to get a stamp!

The printout came today, but I'm in Dunfermline and I' m taking the audio book one. Unfortunately I only covered two third of the way through the audio book in the two planned recordings, so I finished it in one months time. I' ve posted the Kindle release on Amazon today and it is currently being reviewed.

Once it' approval is given, I will send a free Kindle copy to my launching staff so they can load it and review their "verified purchase", I had to check my prices as a number of last-minute enhancements to the look of the hardcover have contributed to the print costs.

I' m not convenient addition to the award as it's a fairly brief reading on around 180 pages, and shorter than my earlier one which is on the open-market for £17.99. I therefore think that I will reduce the Kindle cost of the £9.99 release, which is still near half the cost if you put the shipping and handling on the hardcover one.

Since the Kindle edition doesn't have the photograph or the look and feel of the hardcover edition, I also hope that this increase in prices will convince more folks to go for the hardcover one. Only one member of my launching crew has said they don't like it, so I hope the critics will be mostly favorable.

We are launching this volume today. I was astonished by my launching crew - the overwhelming bulk of them were able to publish their ratings in the screen I gave them. These critiques are way above what I expected: 4th 9 out of 5 UK Retail Star (based on 35 reviews), and 5 out of 5 (based on 5 reviews) for the remainder of the game.

I made a graph in PowerPoint with some quotations from the comments I twittered this mornings. Many more extracts can be found on the offical books page of my website.

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