Self Publication of Books

self-publication of books

The self-publication of a book in India can be possible in two ways. While each of them has some PROs and CONs. Check out the list of articles I have compiled below to learn more about how to begin your book marketing campaign. As you market your self-published book time for a cold, hard truth: self-published authors are still at a disadvantage in the book industry. Self Publishing turns an author into an instant publishing technician.

Self-publishing your book or ebook // PublishingNation

Retention of ALL your books, anywhere in the worid, forever. If you are invited to subscribe to a contract, you are free to do so without asking us. You do not have any right to your work. That means they may withhold a portion of your license fees and you would then have to change (and probably pay) the cost or other aspects of your work.

With PublishNation, we do not. We will not charge you until after your volume is out. We have three recommended selling rates for paperbacks and you can select the one that suits your particular work. We will also provide you with advice on the license percentage for your Kindle e-mail and you can select the desired license as well.

At any time you can modify these rates. Amazons and the company Printed On Demand have minimal pricing for your books (they will not be printing at a loss), but outside of that it is your option. You have to submit your textbook electronically. Please use the following contact sheet, otherwise please e-mail it as a Word document or return your copy to us on a floppy disc or flash drive.

Books with text only. We' ll reformat your text, usually in Times New Roman 11, with page numbers centred at the bottom of the page, page break at the end of each section and all sections (except the first in a section) that are not. Alternatively, you can order other sizes and select between paper back and hardcover.

Don't bother about your book's layout before submitting it to us - let us do it for you! There are no page numbers for Kindle books because each e-reader is different and the user changes the size of the type. You think your script would work? Just write an electronic mail to the below mentioned contact and let the pros guide you through this astonishing game.

Acknowledge' PublishNation' in your email: Descriptive text (or cover text) is used to describe the text to Amazon's prospective users and should contain about 150 words. Self-publication of your textbook - what now? "And how do we release your novel? Choosing PublishingNation, I was pleased that my first volume reached number 1 in the Amazon ranking.

It was incredibly thrilling and satisfying to simply create my work and working with Publish Nation has made it too much more than I ever thought possible.

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