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Barnes & Noble Press has the tools you need to design, promote and publish your eBook or print book. Unique pre-made books that allow writers to immediately adjust and load their artwork, and where performers can add a artwork and their own prices.

When you' re looking for cheap, pre-made best-of-breed artwork, you've found the BEST pre-designed artwork on the web for independent writers, self-publishers and small publisher. We have the world's greatest range of genuine artwork in our range of artwork artworks. If you have a novel to write, a poem or nonfiction or self help guide for your publication, we have the right prefabricated artwork for you.

They are NOT re-usable artwork but unique artwork that can be downloaded now. As soon as a sleeve is on sale, it will never be resold. Customise your covers on our website to immediately post them to Amazon, KDP, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, iBooks and all other on-line booksellers.

Since 2013, SBC has been your trustworthy resource for the best art and art books in the industry, available as e-book and, on demand, paper and audio books designs.

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One of the things I did with my self-publishing careers was to create a company. So far, the only trap has been the standard of my work, three volumes I have seen on my website, along with all my self-published work. If I am a traditional/own editor, what can I do to enhance the overall ebook experience?

Do you ask more from my writers, e.g. editorial and marketin? Really, I wanted a self-publisher that worked like a conventional one. Trap is the writers see that I'm a man and their eagerness is waning a little. Anyone ready to discuss my ideas, Copypasta publishing? The one thing I learnt by plunging into a full book collection (my app) is that the passion for reading never stops me.

While I may be mistaken here, in a few month or years I will be going through a transformational transformation in which I will become a conventional editor in every respect. I wanted to create another guideline on the topic of SMB for my writers.

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