Self Printing Books

Self-printing books

Self publishers must make intelligent printing decisions based on the goals and methods of their book. Document-on-Demand means that there is no stock and you never have to take the risk of printing books without knowing if they are sold or not. You can sell through bookstores or your own website. Would you like to have your book printed? IE: Do not print a book until you sell it.

Letterpress | Paperback and Hardcover

About Biddles for your letterpress business? You will be given the individual note that accompanies you every single stage and helps you determine what is best for you (not for us). We are independent, so we are not bound to a particular printer and can select from a broad selection of UK letterpress operators who have the appropriate technologies and are able to meet the needs of smaller publishing houses.

With our expertise in the development of print and publishers' latest developments, we can ensure that your company has a "technology partner" for the years to come - whatever that may be.

Letterpress UK Inexpensive short-run letterpress print

Looking for low-cost letterpress in the UK? CLOC has been offering letterpress print outsourcing to clients ranging from self-published writers to large publishers for more than 40 years. When you are looking for low-cost letterpress print outsourcing service, contact us today! From our headquarters in London and our satellites manufacturing facilities, we specialize in producing inexpensive books for our clients in the UK and beyond.

Our aim is to give our clients the lowest cost letterpress - we are really low-cost letterpress printer in London. Being an established editor, working for a large organization or just wanting to publish your first volume, you can get our low-cost letterpress service on-line, with a selection of the most ordered articles, as well as immediate and always competitive prices.

Need small print run letterpress in the UK? CLOC has been a leader in short-run publishing for British clients for over 4 years. Is CLOC able to offer me the required letterpress print shop from a single source? The CLOC is a short-run letterpress press that gives you all the manual and industrial expertise you need to print your short-runs.

The CLOC is the right choice for your letterpress work. The CLOC is a letterpress company that uses an exceptional range of devices and technologies to meet the needs of our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their letterpresses.

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