Self Printing Books

Self-printing books

Help self-publishers make money with self-publications. After all, it's just a book, and self-publishing is a lot of fun. Your books will be printed as paperback or hardcover. When you have finished writing your book and would like to start printing, simply provide us with two ready-to-print copies. For a self-publication in Perth for your next book, visit Scott Print today!

Self-published - St Andrews Press of Wells

You' ve written your story, now let us help you make it available for your public to buy, study and savour. At St Andrews Press we have long been involved in the manufacture of high value books. If you want to have your own pocketbook or a hardcover with all the bell s/pipes in it, we have the right one.

Our speciality is to advise you competently in all questions concerning the manufacture of your books. Self-editors and first writers find us very open-minded and willing to lead them through their tour of the publisher. The designer takes your rough script and transforms it into a reader.

Many of our clients have placed their books in Microsoft Word or a similar suite. We' ll take your Word document and turn it into a professional-looking work. And even those who only print to make a life's dreams come true and only give their books to relatives and loved ones will want to make their books look as good as they can.

Various grades of papers are suitable for certain applications. We have a knowledge of the papers and our staff will be pleased to help you. Grades of papers refer to the surface and also to the density of the papers. It affects the appearance of the pages as well as the haptics and finishing of the page you print.

Ideal for: fiction, volumes of poems, manuscripts, short histories, autobiographies, etc. Ideal for: photobooks, poster, brochures, etc. This may not seem too important, but as your books sell, your ISBN will be used by booksellers and the general population to help track and distinguish your books in all their issues, review retailers' inventories and conduct librarian-research.

ISBNs are associated with all your books, making them useful information for cataloging and mapping your product and your authoring exposure. If this is the case, we will make an ESBN from our award of contract available to you and submit the registration to the responsible authorities.

The ePublishing processes are often confusing and our staff will support you!

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