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Self Help Book Publishers | Self Help Publishing They lead their reader. We accompany you in the process of publishing and publishing your books. Or you could be a publicly talking trainer who wants to broaden your client base. Or, you are a working mom of two children with a unique approach that can help others successfully through the day. Publishing your own self-help manual is one of the best ways to get your messages across efficiently, become a trusted professional and take your reward.

Both soft and hardback printer choices are available in a wide range of formats and papers. Self-adhesive printer options: spirals, adhesive bindings or hardcovers (casebound). You can either have your books printed from a PDF or have us create your album. 5.5" x 8.5" US Trade 6" x 9" 8.5" x 11" Three things every self-help can do: The best of both worlds:

Spoken to your readership as you do to your own child - authoritatively yet supportively. Even more important, make sure your character shimmers through, because that's what your reader connects with. Watch this primary educator transform her manual into her own self-help guide that will prepare pupils for study. She now sells her books directly to her readership with the help of her own website BookShop?

Do you need help to write your self-help textbook? Professor of books has the answer. Buy a copy of your books for only $19!


At the moment the forums has over ninety writers who offer hints for trade, the exchange of trade secret information as well as advices and encourage. Sometimes they also sometimes take note of each other's work and give each other a letter of recommendation, and that is a very biggie. For many of our writers, this is a very useful forums. It' for Köehler writers ONLY, by appointment only.

In case you are a Köehler book writer and are interested in participating in this board, please do not hesitate to do so. We value your personal data and will not pass them on or resell them to other companies.

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