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See the location, sales, industry and description of the Self Help Publisher. Jeremy Tarcher, Editor Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. The successors of Butterworth have entered the big leagues of publishing: On this page you can read smakprov and buy all e-böcker from Self-Help Publishers. Eating & drinking, health & self-help.

Self Help Publishers of Royaume-Uni

Showing 1 to 10 of 15 self-help publishers in Germany. The Findhorn Press releases literature, maps and CD's in the fields of physical, mental & soul - alternate healthcare, sexuality, spirituality, self evolution, soil healings, pet arrangements, guidebooks and the Findhorn Foundation. Publishers and sellers of self-help juridical services, such as rental law packages, wills, proxy and real estate book.

This is the UK editor of handy and well-liked business-/self-help tile under the brand name Easy. Sumerssdale Publishers Ltd. The Summersdale website offers a wide selection of reports, humor, gifts, favourite non-fiction books, self-help and combat sports books. The Accent Press is a vibrant publishers with a powerful trading network selling throughout the UK and abroad.

Co-editing partner for picture volumes in India's arts, cultures and children's literature. The self-help and MBS manuals have been published in many different tongues. Nonfiction, Life Sciences, General, Biography, Histories, News and populary, Travels, Crime and Literature, Heath, Self-help & Psycology, Nonfiction Ethologies, Pictorial. The main focus of Collca is the publication of approximately 15,000-25,000 words in seven sets.

The majority of our e-books are illustrative. BiteSize Biography * BiteSize Story * BiteSize Getting Started * BiteSize Science * BiteSize Travel * On the Trails of....... The Light Shades of Grey Trilogie Collca is currently releasing four more tracks that lie outside this series: "One hundred kurze Begegnungen", "Inside Stories for Writers and Readers", "My Enemy, My Friend" et "Writing to Get Published".

Spring Hill How To Book (and Imprint) are publishers of specialist literature on a number of topics such as small businesses, life and work abroad, real estate at home and abroad, career, families and free time, studies, economics and general corporate governance, etc. JR and JR are a new and thrilling name in the field of publishers.

Under the direction of Jeremy Robson and with the support of the Quarto Publishing Group, she mainly produces non-fiction on a variety of topics. Fifteen self-help publishers in the UK in the register.

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