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On the Agents - Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management For more years than she wants to confess, Wendy Sherman has been releasing. Ms. Schuster has served in leading roles at Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Henry Holt. While with these large publishers, she worked in ancillary copyright, distribution, marketing and editing. In 1999, she established Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management with the wish to work more intimately with authors and promote their career.

and the fictional storytelling. She' s interested in women's literature, which is situated between literature and mother and child and has a fascination for the South, historic drama, tension with a well-developed heroine and a softness towards the mysteries of the house, mother-daughter relations and realism. It is also interested in non-fiction with a singular turn of phrase from writers with a powerful, well-developed medium plate.

He is a board member of the Association of Authors Representatives (AAR) and a member of the Women's Media Group. Chérise Fisher began her professional life as Dell Publishers' editorial secretary a months after graduation from Yale University. In the course of her twenty-five-year professional life, she worked as an aquiring journalist at Simon & Schuster and the editor-in-chief of Plume.

Acting as an operative, she is interested in working with writers who have several obsessively legible threads in their minds and want to perfect their skills as a storyteller. It is her goal that all textbooks she brings into the business are meaningful and sustainable and help the reader maximise enjoyment and productiveness in their life.

She began her professional life at Bloomsbury in London during the thrilling era when J.K. Rowling was spotted by the publishing house. For over fifteen years she has worked as a free-lance journalist with many gifted authors and publishing houses such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Seal Press and Little, Brown.

Her work has published four scholarly manuscripts (The May Queen, Because I Love Her, What I Would Tell Her, and Crush) with articles by best-selling writers such as Jennifer Weiner, Lauren Oliver, David Levithan, Karen Joy Fowler, Chris Bohjalian, Amy Greene and Kaui Hart Hemmings. She is particularly interested in promoting literature, young adults' literature, narratives, non-fiction and memoirs.

She' s keen to find writers who write about something unorthodox with a fanciful attitude to the story. She has a special preference in young adults's books for coming-of-age tales based on classical music. Many years of working with hardworking writers, she is enjoying nothing more than to help them realise their visions and tell everyone about them.

She began her professional life as a publisher over twenty years ago. It began at Simon & Schuster and advanced at HarperCollins, Harlequin and Amazon Publishers. Kelli has purchased and published some of Amazon Publishing's best-selling writers, break-out writers and romantic and commercial literature as well as being the founder editors and the Montlake Romaance Publishers and Executive Editors at Lake Union.

Enthusiastic about the agency's romantic programme, Kelli is also looking forward to discovering new talents and creating contents in female literature and literature for female publishers and clubs. Kelli's love of their lives lies in leading authors, manuscript perfection and creating a happy and satisfying reading and publication lists.

Jenny Meyer Literature Agency, Inc., established in 2002, is the UK representative of Frahlinguren and writers located in the US. She is an associate with Wendy Sherman Associates. A graduate of the University of Michigan in 2016, she completed her studies in English Literature and Creativity and co-edited the University's award-winning satirical work.

She' s particularly interested in memoirs and lyric fictions and likes to talk about artist, typ B1 characters and sibling. Currently Marie does not accept any entries and does not currently substitute any writers.

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