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Commemorative, narrative non-fiction, practical and prescriptive, self-help and mainstream psychology are also general areas of interest. The genres we represent: literary and commercial fiction, memoirs, history, biography, economics, young adults and middle school, self-help, psychology and science. Self Help Our aim is to provide a broad palette of pre-scriptive and reflective works that will improve your world. We are celebrating and inspiring novels from marital counseling to attitudinal changes, lifestyles enhancements and more. For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover.

For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. Here, Annie Duke, a former World Series of poker champ, uses economic, sporting, political and (of course) online tournament experiences to exchange ideas and make better choices.

Drawing on information from over 400,000 people who have used his practices, this guide shows Aujla's proven approach for people seeking work at every phase of their careers. Featuring stories and advices, it contains fast-paced drills to help you eliminate the usual traps of a successful manager. This hand-written and deeply felt novel, which builds on a string of design*spoon's bestselling essay, divides knowledge and sensitivity from one working performer to another.

Myorning Routine featured 64 of today's most accomplished individuals, among them three-time Olympics champion Rebecca Soni, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and best-selling writer Mari Kondo. A number of routines are all about early dawn exercises and sparse life; others are leisurely and self-indulgent.

The creators of, Spall and Xander, show you how to increase your efficiency, perform a work-out, meditate or simply teach you how to taxi with the strokes in the mornings. Funny and promising foundation to discourage, fight and kill suction in todays joint by doing it right in the early years, comes from one the mind behind the row sex and the city and the New York Times best selling writers of it's just not that into you, it's a break because it' interrupted, and it's just an F***ing date.

And Behrendt and Ruotola are the ideal books for those who have just put on a ring or are considering it.

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