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Self-help book agents

Frahlingen & Consultants Beyond the clutter: truths. Did you always want to know the mystery of how to create a live that you like? Behind the Clouther opens June Saruwatari's house and she opens her mind to unveil the transformational disruption that she has sought as a style, biz and relationships trainer and expert organiser for investors, lawyers, magistrates, lawyers, artists, policy makers, authors, Rabbi, university teachers, physicians, mothers, kids, Hollywood makers and celebs.

It is the secret of your best living to overcome the space of your bodies, minds, souls and hearts and to let go of the disorder inside and outside. This part of June's self-help guide, contains a section of her own inner and outer "stuff" that she vulnerable and implacably explores through her own four-fold lense of TruthLoveMeaningPurpose: TRUTH: What is the truth of my present situation? No.

OBJECTIVE: What is this for in my lifetime? Fearless, vulnerable and childishly enthusiastic, June digges deeply to reveal the thoughts, emotions, recollections and convictions behind the confusion - and divides efficient ways to recognize both the inner and outer confusion, let it go and make room for wonders.

If you go behind the scenes with June as your leader, you will find that you can best shape your own lives, learning to use your own purpose of TruthLoveMeaning on all the "stuff" of your own lives and to reveal the masterwork of yourself that has always been there.

Two new agents in search of YA, Scifi/Fantasy, Memoirs, Spirituality, Health and more

There are two new operatives here who are interested in the representation of non-fiction. Cat Enright (Seymour) is looking for YA of all categories, Adult SFF, Romances and selected articles. Readlie Meredith (Mary Evans) is interested in new vocabulary in memoirs, in sciences, ecology, psychology, animal and natural sciences, and in mental -body-spirit practice. Agent may move from one agency to another and the filing requirement may vary.

She is active in the search for YA of all categories, Adult SFF, Romance of, and choose Articles.

For many years Leslie Meredith worked as a journalist, most recently for fifteen years at Simon & Schuster. Started in publishers with an intern at the University of Pittsburgh Press and worked as a chief executive at McGraw Hill, Bantam and Ballantine and as an executive writer at Harmony/Crown.

She has published best-selling books by Sy Montgomery, Lawrence Krauss, Jean Twenge, Ben Mezrich, Stacey O'Brien, Mark Obmascik, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Patricia McConnell, Stephen Jay Gould, Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield and Thich Nhat Hanh. It is interested in new vocabulary in memoirs; in sciences, ecology, psychology, humanity, natural sciences and animalism; and in sexuality and spiritual-body-spirit-practice.

They can more large writings resources, inclusively free competitions, appeals for subordinations, useful tips on how to get an agent, means looking for principals as well as editors who accept scripts directly from authors, tips for how to market/manage your work and further, how to construct your on-line deck, how to get reports, how to self-publish, and where to find marketplaces for your work on publishing...and other forms of mental illness.

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