Self help Book Agents

Self-help book agents

Twenty-four agents who want your work Featuring more than 1,300 practising frahlings across the nation, what is an uneducated writer to do without industrial contact? Whom do you ask and how do you proceed? And even if you compile a shortlist of agents who work on your particular class or gender, there is always the chance that some of these agents are too employed to take on new customers.

We have a specific file to help you on your trip. Writer2s Digest has again compiled its seasonal shortlist of frahlings who have acknowledged that they are open to enquiries from new and existing writers. You can be sure there's an operative on that shortlist for you no matter what you write.

So, once you've completed your novel, memoirs or book suggestion (and spend some of your hard working on it), you're in the right place to find your perfect salesman - the one who wants to resell your work to publishing houses. Her spy game could just wait. DIFFICTION INTERESTS: Romanticism, female fantasy, historic clichés.

notfiction interests: narratives, memoirs, bussiness and how-to. The ACTIVELY SEEKING: supernormal, futurist and historic romanticism and urbane invention. SPECIALIZED IN: non-fiction and graphical novel. INTERESTS NONFICTION: poetic textbooks, popular art, sociological of lighting and narratives. others interests: nicely illuminated non-fiction, memoirs, YA fictions (especially for women readers) and modern music.

Agents are also willing to speak to authors who have included artless comics. NOTFICTION INTERESTS: Memoirs, folk music, humour, animals, folk music, folk music, popular sciences and storyboard. IFFTION INTERESTS ifftion interests: literature and business literature, among them thriller, graphical novel, selected YA title, literature that captures the odd and the marvelous, and literature that offers a worldview.

NOT: Cocies, Romanticism, Picture Book, Science-Fi Style or Terror. notfiction interests: narratives, memoirs, self-help, relations, humour, topical affairs, women's affairs and cuisine. ýFICTION INTERESTS: female sexual and multi-cultural female fictions (with a "literary" edge), romanticism, para-normal romanticism and YA fantasy for males. Request by e-mail. Hardscrabble mysteries and thrillers.

INTERESTS NONFICTION: humor/gift literature, handicrafts, how-to (finance, home, healthcare and aesthetics, weddings), relationships/advice, self-help, psychological studies, travelogues and narratives. ýFICTION INTERESTS: female literature; comical and cosy enigmas; fictional literature with a strong emphasis on art, cultural and/or historical themes. Inquiry with a SMTP server by e-mail, or submit an e-query.

In the case of literature, please provide a summary and two example sections. In the case of non-fiction, please hand in the full application. diffiction interests: Contemorary fantasy with profound characterisation and gripping, fast-paced storylines that show figures who are confronted with real-world situations and bring their questions of belief to a satisfactory end. DON'T WANT: Memoir or historic Bible notion.

In the case of literature, you should send in a packet containing your covering note, your biography, a summary, analyses of the markets, your current and future sales strategy (if any) and the first three sections. Enclose a request and a complete book suggestion with at least three example sections for non-fiction. Non-fictional interests: counselling/parenting, education/academy, health/medicine, science/technology. Authors are invited to relate to one or more volumes in which they can make inquiries.

Submit a one-page, one-line request, preferable by e-mail (even if auger post is possible). Put the term "Query" in the reference line or in the box "Re:" of your inquiry. Write down your targeted audience in your request with a synopsis of how your work is different from other authors' work.

notfiction interests: heath, life, ecology, psychology, self-help, how-to, eating, education, new ages, medicine and busin. MUSIC INTERESTS music interests: Woman, Romanticism, Mystery, Christianity and Tension. FOCTIONAL INTERESTS: Children's and YA-realistic YA and mid-range, humour, mystery, adventures, easy imagination and YA-romanticism. NOT WANT: Adults literature, storybooks, early reading, non-fiction, high imagination or sacred story.

Enter "Query" in the reference line. Submit the request and the first 10 pages in the text of the email. notfiction interests: narratives, folk art, folk art, folk studies and travelogues. ýFICTION INTERESTS: fictional literature, tension, female femininity, everything that investigates a cultural background, historic, historical romanticism, para-normal romanticism and any other novel that lets you leaf through it all and more.

NOT WANT: Memoirs, pre-scriptive articles or fledgling literature. Agents only respond to input that complies with these guidelines: "If you have an enquiry containing a full summary of the work and a biography of your testimonies, please contact piction interests: story book, which are true, storytime-ready story (no one wit story or atmospheric pieces).

The ACTIVELY SEEKING: dystopic fantasy for high school students and spacious, atmospherical stories with Thickensic turns and rewarding riddles. However, as much as she is interested in highly conceptual books, the most breathtaking assumption cannot conceal a shallow story that seldom grasps surprising description, fully elaborated characterisations or a hissing part. Submit the request and the first 10 pages by e-mail.

Inquiry with the term "query" in the reference line. Add a short section that explains who you are and why you wrote this book, and the first 1,000 words or chapters (which must be inserted into the body of your email; all unwanted appendices will be deleted) to a book that contains a short description of your book (only one or two paragraphs), a section that explains who you are and why you wrote this book.

notfiction interests: stories, non-fiction, sport literature, foodwriting, popular art and handicrafts. ýFICTION INTERESTS: literary diction, modern female diction, para-normal romanticism, romatic tension, urbane imagination, enigma, YA and middle-class diction. Agents prefer e-mail requests and usually respond within six to eightweek. Please submit a request and three example sections.

notfiction interests: handy literature, self-help, popular art, lifestyles and narratives. Historic literature, female literature and children's literature. notfiction interests: storytelling, neurosciences, psychology, social studies, popular art, memoirs and biographies. ýFICTION INTERESTS: literature and business literature, graphical novel, YA and book-length collection of shorts. Email request with a book abstract, the number of words and an account of your site, references and knowledge.

INTERESTS NONFICTION: works by authors with a large publishing house working with a large network and network of publishers to promote their work. BELLETRISTIC INTERESTS: Fictional Christianity, especially romantic. Of particular interest at this period is history. In the case of literature, you should send in a packet containing your covering note, your biography, a history summary, analyses of the markets, your own sales strategy (if any) and the first three sections.

Enclose a request and a complete book suggestion with at least three example sections for non-fiction. notfiction interests: narratives, memoirs, eating and traveling, popular music and self-help. INTERESTS FICTION: high-quality literature and business literature, women's literature and romanticism, historic literature, eroticism and obsession. Please email your request.

If you are interested in literature, please submit a request and the first five pages inserted in an e-mail. If you are interested in non-fiction, please submit a request and a comprehensive biography and information about your biography and your publishing group. notfiction interests: novels that have clear benefits for readers' lifestyles in the following categories: eating, travelling, lifestyle, home art, aesthetics, wisdom, relationship, education and freshness, which may relate to themes, lifestyles or popular music.

She enjoys being carried away into a fascinating reading such as "Fraktion", "Memoiren" and "Femoir". interests fiction: family fiction, women's literature, business literature. Submit an e-query. When you ship items, please submit the book suggestion. sinteres of fiction: medioclass and ya-friction, magic(s) of reality, modern and feminine invention.

Agents are interested in anything with an imaginative city feel (more Mike Carey than Maurice G. Dantec), and the mid-range and YA should have angular, lifelike character and dialog. Present-day and female imagery should have a broad entrance for its public, but a powerful catch that sets it apart from the masses.

INTEREST: fictional writing and storytelling articles that combine a passion for writing with an adventure-filled mind. He is open to all authors with an inventive vocabulary and has a particular interest in non-fiction books dealing with culture, history and people. Submit a request and the first 10 pages, together with a comprehensive summary of the book, in the form of an e-mail.

I have an answer from the operative in two heaps. BELLETRISTIC INTERESTS: INTERESTS OF NON-FICTION: Any non-technical book, includes but is not restricted to: economics and private finances, political affairs, healthcare, nutrition, biographies and histories, public sciences and music. Submit a request or inquiry & complete, sophisticated non-fiction text. LATEST SALES: Fibonacci's Bridge of Numbers: the mediaeval genius and book that introduced the modern world, by NPR's "Math Guy" Keith Devlin; Soldier of G-d:

NOTFICTION INTERESTS: women's questions/experiences, garden work (herbs, botanicals, flowers), funny/quirky themes (especially for women) and cooks. She also has a genuine preference for travelling and outings. INTERESTS FICTION: big YA/tween/teen productions, romance (contemporary romance comedy, paranormales, mystery/suspense), women's literature (must have a catch ), main stream mystery/suspense, as well as extraordinary fictional literature.

Agents only accept e-queries. Questions in the non-fiction book should clearly describe the author's skills and should contain the first section. Inquiries must contain the gender, the number of words, a clear synopsis of the story and the character, any write access data and the first section in the main part of the e-mail. Agents love square-edged tales and writers who think outside the box. Do you?

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