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The SELF-e and Pressbooks Public are viable resources for authors at every stage of their writing journey, from conception to publication. Guidebook for self-publication platforms. Publish and promote your book, find agents and editors, hire freelancers, create e-book formats and much more. The service is free for all authors, no matter how you choose to publish it. Jacksonville Public Library works with Library Journal to provide the SELF-e Public Library ebook service.

Self-select - Connection of indie books, libraries and readership

SSP is a programme that is helping small printers and small print shops to work together to support large independent titles. This programme enables small printing machines to help new writers to attract free writers from all parts of their country or even nationwide. With SSP, booksellers can help writers advertise their work, which leads to a community of writers that can help them become virus free.

"While small printing machines provide some of the most advanced works of the present, the discoveries of these works are often challenging for libraries due to their short periods and scarce natural resource. Simultaneously, small publishers find it extremely challenging to become aware of their works in the cacophonous environment of today's publishing industry.

The SELF-e helps to find small works of news and self-published works and helps libraries to expand the range of available works, which is a win-win situation for everyone". If you want to submit a book on your author's name, click here. For more information about SSP or if you are interested in sending in more than 10 volumes, please do not hesitate to do so.

"Until I learned about SELF-e, it seemed impossible to enter the community of libraries. Self-se SELF-e offers everything writers need for a succesful promotional campaign by extending their audiences and making them easier to find at low costs. Some of our customers, for example, want to republish in the near term, so the reader who has found our writers with SELF-e will be more likely to look for more information about our writers, which is likely to result in the sale of works outside SELF-e select publications.

Our writers are often reminded that "they get what they give" and we firmly believe that they will harvest the fruits of their work for this groundbreaking work. "And I appreciate the important work this programme does for small printing machines, freelance writers and readership around the globe. SELF-e brings a universe of discoveries to the reader by extending the possibilities of a library with great independant authors".

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