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He is the creator of the target setting system SELF Journal and Productivity Planner. Wellcome to the Self Company Group website! The natural soy candles are mixed with a mixture of essential oils, each produced separately to help you care for yourself.

Self-employed company SELF Company DE

Welcome to the website of the Self Company Group! Over 20 years of long time experiences - and we are specialized in swimwear! That means we make every possible endeavor to make sure that the swimwear we create meets women's needs and aspirations, so that every woman can find a fashion that fits her own personal tastes and person.

For those who like classical design as well as fashionable fashions, we provide great, original swimwear. State-of-the-art beachside fashions are characterized by high dynamics. We have a collection that is uniquely and sexily - eternal style is always fashionable. Many of our swimwear products include swimwear in such diverse livery patterns as flowery, glamorous, sporty, ethnical and fluorine, making your lovely tanning and female body look stunning through the use of intense stains.

Our collection also includes push-up uniforms, two-piece uniforms, tankini and swimsuits designed specifically for women with large boobs who often have difficulty choosing the right one. We offer all our push-up uniforms and other models in different dimensions. This swimsuit is suitable for competition and men who only occasionally go to the pool or are looking for something fashionable and comfort-oriented.

A large selection of colors and designs appeal to different flavors, so that every man can always be different and different. In addition to swimming suits, the Self Company Group also has a large number of beachside accessoires such as clothes, scarongs, skirts as well as short dress that are an essential part of any sommer look - perfect for the beachside, for walks, to visit a bar or a restaurants, perfect for daily use while you are enjoying the hottest saturdays.

It' a one-of-a-kind trip into a land of fun, colour and lightness, with a slightly extravagant atmosphere and a touch of enigmatic tropic forrests.

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