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As Marilyn explains, using the concept of your story can help your screenwriting and pitching. A bad script has an expository dialogue just for the sake of the audience. Write 17 tricks to get you through your script

Scott Myers and the Go Into The Story is an enormous asset for scriptwriters, whether you are an aficionado or a pro. In recent years Scott has written about easy ways to help you solve writing your script. It' s quite possible you may have already read some of them, but I have put together a 17 tip guide that Scott has published on his website.

You can find more information about the articles in the Go Into The Story section of The Blacklist: Speak up all your dialogs to make sure they work and that each person is distinctive. When you' re in the middle of a shot, just shut your eye, open a whole new file, and start with the free association without even think about the words you're entering.

Begin writing and after a certain amount of patience you will be rewarded with a snack. Make an arguement-between-thecharacters, when a sequence is shallow and contains a great deal of exposure. Translate some well-written scripts to get a feeling for writing as you fight. It is a technology used by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Charles Dicken's work.

Just one page a page a day and after four month you've created an animated screen.

Create a photo compilation of photographs that refer to your own history or are in some way in resonance with you. Place your script away and do not start reading it until two week after the first design is completed. When you have difficulty imagining a personality, introduce yourself to a well-known actress in the act and sign up for that one.

Assume a different writing personality by impersonating someone else when writing. It will help you to address issues differently than you would normally do. When I have a hard timeout with a certain sequence or a certain personality, I take a bath to clear my head.

Sometime during this showers my brain will return to the script and I usually have an explanation for what caused me any inconvenience. Being someone who is writing for a website, disconnecting the web can be a big task, so it will help me to go to a place where I don't have time.

When you' re not already a daily reader of Go Into The Story, you miss a whole bunch of good tips and inspirations in the storyboard. If you are on Twitter you should also join Scott, as he is always giving great information and advices. If you have problems with a particular sequence or just can't sat down and type, what do you do?

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