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You can learn lines from your script, speech or presentation. Listen to and read scripts, create and exchange script notes, and rehearse lines in one sentence with the Tableread app. The tableread APP - why download it? Browse a screenplay PDF on your iPhone, change the font and text size, and see what you're reading. This is the first app to read by Samuel French.

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The Script Reader will make it easier for you to view your script and increase the number of hours you will complete it in a year. If you are an apprentice trying to learn about screenplays while you' re going to work, an actress who doesn't have a flatmate to practice writing a line, or a chief executive on the road, you know how difficult it is to always have too many screenplays to study.

An IOS-user listening script reader specially developed to help you learn how to interpret a script while on the go, so you won't have any problems recording it as you move through your time. ScripReader allows you to upload PDF files or book files from your e-mail into the program, reformat the script to an easy-to-understand file size and playback the script loudly, through headphones or via wireless technology.

Sitting in your vehicle or at your desktop, the Script Reader improves the number of script readings and simplifies operation. Have your script aloud, via headset or viaetooth. The Script Reader has been developed and encoded with care to make sure that the script is presented in the most professionally rendered form.

Scripts Reader considers all pauses, pacings and shortcuts and ignores any notation that should not be overheard. The Script Reader is developed to improve usability so that you can retrieve the contents of each script correctly. Pausing and playing your script at any point. Exit the app and go back to your script at a later point and the script reader will continue exactly where you stopped.

Fast forward or rewind the script by 1/3 pagination. You will see that we have a free script in the "Script Library", which you can try as an example. To import your own script, you can buy the app for a one-time fee of $4.99.

AOD' s Script Reader is available here on the App Stores or on our Facebook page, @scriptreader application. We' re living in another era where it's almost not possible to just relax and calmly enjoy reading a script. I even have a smart phone and notebook to help me when I' m on the road, but if you are living somewhere near the metropolis of Los Angeles, you know that you can't use it either while you spend a quarter of your lifetime in your vehicle.

It' saving me so much work. I can now literally play screenplays while I'm sitting in the vehicle or training. I' d rather be reading print. I can' t help it. Reading on my computer screen is hurting my eye.

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