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An instruction on how to professionally format and design a Hollywood movie script. Myth of font formatting There are few quick and easy "rules" when it comes to the script format. "However, some script reformatting options make you look more dilettantish than others. Instead of talking about polices and guidelines like most formatters, we rather discuss how to format a script in relation to selection.

Here are two film script format options that you should better avoid. However there are issues with the format of your script when whole discussions are recorded using this technique, as in the following example: Whilst this is a good way to send a single piece of news, it doesn't look so good for whole discussions.

There are no official regulations here either. Be free to think of your own film script format, but we think that e-mail, text and IM calls are best treated like regular dialogues - but with a few small changes that indicate that we read newscasts. Here is an example of a better script format:

Like I said, it doesn't really make any difference how you do it, because none of that shit is encoded somewhere when it comes to the script format. Example #2: Misuse of INT instead of EXT and the other way around. What if they're under water? This is where it all comes down to how we get there.

Let us assume, however, that we are not following a submerged player, but simply jump ing into a submerged game. It is not so important which words you use - e.g. submerged, or submerged, or submerged - as long as it is clear what is being used. Sceneries in orbit can also cause disorientation, but follow the general rule for submarine scenarios above INT. or EXT. in front of one of them - and you should be okay.

Our handbook "Master Screensplay Formatting: We will show you how to make a Clear Guide On How To Format A screen display For The Spec Market", as a few poor film script format decisions will never be a Deal Breaker, whether your script will be or not. However, consequent and evident poor decisions can make a readership think that the author also does not know what he is doing.

It' s very seldom that a script with format errors turns out to be a masterwork. It' about making your script as simple and professionally as possible. This will hopefully help to remove the clutter about the format of the film script. Keep in mind there are no precepts, just decisions, and it is always best to opt for the most clear, easiest to understand scripting format you can.

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