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"Robert McKee is a master craftsman and a servant of the art of screenwriting." Use Jacob Krueger's online seminars for screenwriters & learn how to write a script!

Storyline and Screenplay Seminars in Los Angeles

Professionals and aspiring screenwriters, directors, producers, novelists, video studio executives, video game creators and anyone else whose living is dependent on what makes a storyline great and only succeed. As we move gradually from the inspirational to the definitive design, we will explore all the fundamental ideas and principals of history, complete with the quintessence of history - without which there would be no history; the original and subconscious resource of our creativeness; and the narrative cast that contains the secret narrative structure that all great histories have in common. What's more, the narrative cast is a unique combination of the two.

This concealed structure is closely connected to the wellspring of our creative power. It is for these reasons that some great histories brave the times and stay alive and pertinent for centuries and even millennia. I' ll show you how you can use these secret patterns to make great histories that are strong and lasting and have a universe-stimulus.

You' ll find out in this workshop too: Creating visual storyline metaphors, compelling genres and narrative structures that make your storyline truly original, and the High Concept Great Ideas (and log lines) that are being discussed, creating tension and forcing the right individuals to get into it. And how to use the six essential creative techniques and the most efficient and dramatically use of complications, crisis, climax and resolution of the dominant plan.

We' re also going to thoroughly analyse many of the most influential and succesful tales and movies of today, and I'll give you a sneak peek at my new book: Crack the storyline code, a work in process - and much more. There are no limits to the strength and skill that can be generated by your work with this new deep appreciation of history.

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