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Learn more about current job postings, FAQs and the recruitment process at Warner Bros. Tasks include participation in the acquisition and creative process, observing screeners, reading and covering scripts, books and administration. Find out more about the position as a screenwriter / editor / journalist!

Begin your professional life with us

We are proud to offer our trainees useful backgrounds. When you complete an internship with us, you will get an insight into the sector and will be able to gather practical relevant information. You will have the chance to study and ask the best in the sector - who also want to do so.

Learn what some of our recent trainees have said about internships at Warner Bros. in the areas of advertising, communication, marketing, corporate design, corporate design, finances, digital publishing, and more. Internships are open to those currently registered in an accelerated Bachelor or Ph.

A trainee's daily work depends on the division and the project or product currently underway. We' re open to recruitment from all major companies, but our fastest expanding areas are digital/new medias and videogames. There are also many possibilities in the areas of finances and accountancy, as well as advertising and sales.

Further important areas are economics, legal, communication, animations, production/development, films and crucial surveys. Traineeships in the USA usually last 10 successive wks. Trainees usually work 16 to 24 lessons per week throughout the year and 40 lessons per week throughout the year. Traineeships in the UK last 12 month and last from July to July.

Our work placement cycles may differ from those in your home jurisdiction, however, and all recruitment choices are governed by U.S. state, state and municipal labor law and regulation, as well as migration legislation relating to work permit and any other governmental permits or regulation in force. Internships depend on location and schedule.

It is recommended that you contact the producers directly, as their internships are often arranged by the staff on sets. A lot of producers employ assistant producers instead of trainees. There is no special assignment for high scholastic movie pupils. Aimed at high-school alumni who, when chosen, will be awarded a fellowship and the chance to do four internships during their studies, we have a fellowship programme called the Communities Outsach Programme.

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