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Come join us for panels, parties and mentoring with the best Hollywood screenwriters, agents and producers! MONTHLY Screenplay sessions are a great way to enhance your skills, get together with colleagues and exchange ideas with other people. In the following we have list the most important script meetings in the whole time. Courses are in order of date and we have colour-coded by area so you can see at a glance what activities are taking place in your part of the game.

The UK is verdant, USA & Canada is azure, Europe is amber, the rest of the globe is lilac. Authors' networks in towns around the globe; London, Sydney (Australia), Montreal (Canada) and the following US towns, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, DC, New Orleans, Los Angeles, NYC, Austin, Portland, Raleigh, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami.

The scriptwriters' community networked every third Thursday of the months in London, Los Angeles and Montreal. All upcoming appointments can be found on the event page. When you are looking for screenwriting competition appointments, have a look at our screenwriting competition calendar, which is up to date every months. Writer's Digest Annual Conference has everything you need to drive your creative and professional careers in this area.

More than 30 of Hollywood's top authors, recording executives, directors, producers as well as world-renowned screenwriting teachers. Edinburgh International TV Festival is one of the most prestigeous UK audiovisual festivals - it brings together all parts of the TV and digitised worlds to commemorate the creative, diverse and inspiring talents in our sector and to discuss the big themes we face as an audiovisual sector.

It attracts some 2000 participants from large international networking and manufacturing firms. First class movie-fair with industrial conferencing. In this year, there will be a series of meetings of Contentcanada focused on the TV world. A yearly meeting of aspiring and experienced scriptwriters. The LSF has become the first screenwriting venue with over 1,000 participants, 100 meetings, 150 experts and the largest name in the UK and Hollywood world.

Televised shows will not be much larger than the RTS Cambridge Convention and the RTS London Conference. Every alternating meeting will bring together executives and chief executives of the TV sector and set the agendas for the coming year. Showcasing feature films, short films and musical video from UK and worldwide film makers, raising the profile of new, independant and innovative film makers not only during our 12-day festivals but throughout the year.

If you are a new or existing contributor, the Cuesta College Central Coast Producers will take your penmanship to the next stage. Quoted as one of the best authors' conferences in the US, this destinations event provides a wide range of genre workshop sessions presented by an inspirational school.

Featuring presentations, workshop and televised and pitched film. The Austin Film Festivals, known as the Writers Festivals since its founding 24 years ago, recognises the importance of narration at the heart of film-making. Without a doubt the most important yearly meeting of the world' s dramatic comunity. Three days of events with unrivaled program, screening, co-production market place and prizes.

The Berlinale Talents is the Berlin International Filmfestival's event for 250 creative professionals from the worlds of cinema and theatre. Shows, panel discussions, movie debuts and mentoring with some of Hollywood's best scriptwriters, editors and production companies. Creator's Conference, presented by NashFilm, contains solid track for movie makers, scriptwriters, artists and all types of authors.

Find out about the latest sector developments, ways that have brought us results, ways to refine your trade and get to know others in the group. Séries Mania, after seven captivating seasons, has become the main focus of the television series' season, both for the general audience and industrial audiences.

Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) is a two-day week-end meeting that gathers experts from the business and provides them with unrivalled levels of competence building and networking. The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) is a two-day conference that provides the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the screenwriting world. Featuring over 120 executions awaiting your pitches, this is a must in the script calender.

Every June, the Winchester Writers' Festival draws over three hundred aspiring fiction writer, screenwriter, writer of shorts, children's writer, poet and memoirist from across the UK and abroad to the University of Winchester to take part in an inspirational and supporting week-end of hands-on workshop, lecture and one-on-one sessions with over seventy people.

The festival is open to authors of all skill groups in its thirty-eighth year of existence. This is a one-day session with session on all topics and issues of typing, from fiction and poems to broadcasting and digitally-reading. It began as an intimate place where unprecedented approach and innovative insights could be combined to build connections, start new businesses and help the aspiring members of a vibrant and vibrant community achieve their objectives.

With over 200 development executives and a broad cross-section of TV and digitally oriented experts from all over the globe, BANFF is the perfect place to make new business connections, find manufacturing partnerships and start new work. Founded in July 2012 in Fontainebleau (France) by an avid group of top TV serial pros, the Série Serie is a TV show "think tank".

For all TV professionals: scriptwriters, stage managers, productions and distribution people. NYTVF is a trailblazer of the free TV industry and connects its artistic communities with major networking sites, recording houses, agents, production firms and brand names. And if you know of other script incidents that might be of interest to your colleagues, let us know in the commentaries below.

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