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Annual Script Reading Voice/Over Conference Pupils are led through the whole storyboarding procedure for a full-length film. It is open to anyone who wants to write a scriptwriting in the highest standards of proffesionalism, inclusive of graduates and undergraduates. At the end of the main scripting course, the student has a thorough foundation in history, personality, subject, action, graphics and dialog, as they have been meticulously led through the whole scripting cycle by our prestigious school.

Candidates from all areas are eligible for the certification programme, provided they have a secondary education qualification. The course can be taken completely on-line by those who cannot or do not want to take oncampus. Enrolled undergraduates will be encouraged to attend Academy of Medias Studies workshops such as visiting lecturers, temporary presentations and press shows and will be given information on elective placements.

Certificates can be taken on a non-credit or academic course base, but the student must enrol as a student. Certificates are not issued retrospectively for a course. Voice Over is the annual reading of the Faculty of Media Studies. The scripts that have been created by scriptwriters who have completed the scripting certification are awakened to reality by reading selected parts in front of an audiences of college and college graduates, young people of the same age and experts from the movie profession.

Following the readings, prizes will be awarded, among them the Rena Down Memorial Screenwriting Prize and a welcome speech. Our programme can begin in autumn, early or late autumn. Scriptwriting certification is not formally admitted, but the following conditions must be met by the student. Enrolment in the course must indicate the state of the certification (CT) for which a enrolment charge is levied.

At the Open Campus on-line enrolment, please select the enrolment type by "Certificate" and sign up for the course. Have your certification course accepted at the offices of the University. It is not possible to issue a certification permit for any course at a later date. Every pupil with at least a high scholastic degree or comparable degree is entitled to complete the Screenwriting Certificat.

Foreign undergraduates are not eligible to obtain a Screenwriting Certificate Program for their studies. Please call 212,229 for more information on U.S. immigrant conditions for college undergraduates. Further information can be found in the Bachelor's programme.

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