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Some of the best screenwriting websites and blogs on the Internet. The Black List's official screenwriting blog. The Most In-Depth and Trusted Screenwriting Blog Around. is the scriptwriter behind Tim Burton's Big Fish.

Best Screenwriting Blogs Online

He is the author of Go, Charlie's Angels and Big Fund's probably best free screenplay blogs for scriptwriters on the Internet. Enter a screenplay related query in the text field and you will receive an immediate reply. "that scriptwriters make the same mistake and save the whole wide globe from writing poor scripts, one screenplay at a time."

Some of the most inventive and best screenwriting blogs available now. Magnificent script diary by The Black List, authored by Hollywood scriptwriter Scott Myers. "I have been an UCLA Extension Writer's Program teacher since 2002. Unfortunately, the enigma man no longer types on this page, but it must be one of the best ways to create a script that you can find on line.

This is the ultimative compilation of the best screenwriting blogs from all over the world. Just enter any topic you want information about and you'll get a hand-picked listing of the best blogs ever made. Pirates out of the caribbean writer, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, are hosting a forums and script booklog in which they and other Hollywood scriptwriters are answering all your queries on every facet of the art of typing.

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Top 10 Best Screenplay Blogs

Screwriting blogs are important on-line information resources for scriptwriters..... However, what are the best screenwriting blogs you should be aware of? When you learn how to become a scriptwriter or how to become an author for television, you should look out for the following ten scriptwriting blogs.....

Making Screenwriting Blogs? Not only are these ten screenwriting blogs the most loved and powerful, they offer useful information and perspectives on the arts, sciences and the screenwriting world. Where did I get this screenwriting blog from? Using a mixture of elements, I was able to find out what I could by looking at their blogs, hearing the folks I respected, and putting in my extremely personal opinions.

This said, these are the screenwriting blogs I think scriptwriters should follow. Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: I learnt most of it the tough way by having guys who at some point didn't want to go on with one of my jobs - be it the CAA office or my own team.

This is the most important lecture I have learnt from this process: A co-founder and presenter of the Twitter scriptwriting chats #Scriptchat, she has written the story adaption of the Pulitzer Prize-winning film... Here is an extract from her screenplay blog: In 2005 he won the UCLA Extension Writers' Program Outstanding Instructor Award and currently lectures screenwriting at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He also operates the Black List's blogs and his site is a repository of interview, tip and script inspirations. Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: "This is a straightforward equation about three things - Read Scripts. - you need to broaden and broaden your comprehension of screenwriting.

1: 1 script per weeks. At least one full-length script every sunday. The majority of scriptwriters are juggling several different scripts at the same theater. Nonetheless, his diary deals with the scripting processes and storyline structures and covers the script. Pressfield's media coverage and brutal honesty, generosity and motivation in his book on authoring make him one of the most highly regarded authority on authoring and the creation game.

Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: "I can imagine the most powerful institu-tional civilization is that of the U.S. Marine Corps. From my own experiences I can attest that no amount of efforts to oppose this kind of cultivation will end up drinking the Kool-Aid. You' ll buy into the civilization, and it'll be indelible.

However, the most astonishing evidence of the strength of marine life is the first Marine Division's expertise at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, in the 1950s. So the USMC cultural life was so powerful that it was received by its members without being officially abandoned. This is an interinstitutional mindset.

However, there is also an indiviual one. It is a distinctive cultural experience that is unmatched by any other. and if we don't have it, we have to appropriate it. We, as an artist and entrepreneur, must create, build and maintain an internal corporate identity that is as vibrant, original and self-determined as that of the companies and organizations we work with and with whom we competit.

She has a civilization. Just as Louis C.K. Chris Christie has a civilization. Mandela' s own Nelson was so powerful that she could transform a country and even the whole wide underworld. My experiences are that the development of a person's own cultural development occurs in two phases. We have a distinctive cultural identity based on our point of views, our styles, our sense of humour, our uniqueness of gift and instinct.

We have a strong sense of our own people. As we set out on our hero's quest, we seek our own unique cultures, whether we realise them or not. Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: Screwriting blogs also cover the television industry, and among them is Ken Levine's blogs.

Time Magazine voted his diary one of the 25 best blogs of 2011. Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: I have a passion for drama, which is more understated than exaggerated. Bitter Script Reader (BSR) is one of the more uncommon screenwriting blogs, because it is - well - a marionette.

BSR provides a screen into what happens when you enter your script: it is viewed by him (or someone like him). BSR has been reading for Oscar-winning productions and one of the "Big Five" agents, so it sees footage from top scriptwriters, stage managers and productions and from this point of view has its fingers on the Hollywood heart.

Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: Prior to his career in film and television, J.J. Abram's first screenplay screenings were the smaller films Taking Care of Busines, Regarding Henry and Dying Young. Co-author of The Dark Knight Rises, Jonathan Nolan, had an enormous impetus by having a younger sister in the game. His first work was the memento episode.

Then they had to learn their trade and get into the game. Even if you've ever seen the early designs of Star Wars, you'd know that it had little in common with anything that landed on the TV and that George would spend years re-writing it and reworking his thoughts before it was in any condition to be wound.

Rossio has had his own blogs for a long while. I advise you to go to his diary, slide down, click on 3 (columns), then click on all 53 of them and view them all. Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: As well as blogs about screenwriting, she has written two novels and is teaching.

Here is an extract from her screenplay blog: is a respected studios scriptwriter and one of the more straightforward, "no-nonsense" scriptwriting blogs. Featuring a unique insight into the creativity and life style of a top scriptwriter, his diary records the scripting experience in an enjoyable and instructive way.

Here is an extract from his screenplay blog: Can' t watch every script book blogs. Nobody can tell everything. However, I think you should be reading these ten screenwriting blogs - they are the best, most useful and most powerful. Can you tell us when the application deadline for the most important screenplay competitions will be?

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