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British screenwriters Below you will find a list of British screenwriters and frahlingurs. She represents screenwriters and specializes in film and television rights. The Association of Authors' AgentsThe Association of British Agents.

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You will find below a shortlist of British screenwriters and frahlingurs. While some agents are very accessible, others intentionally make it difficult for the filmmaker to contact them. The Alan Brodie Representation is a Frahlingur whose customers are authors, stage managers and songwriters from the fields of theater, cinema, TV and broadcasting. Whilst we have particular experience in counselling and representation of important literature bequests, we are just as enthusiastic about working with newer authors who will become the voice of the next family.

Berlin Associates is one of the UK's best-known fashion boutiques for movie, TV and theatrical creativity, headquartered on Bermondsey Street in London. Our clients include authors, filmmakers, manufacturers, designers, songwriters and below-the-line talents from the creativity industry. In addition, we take care of the sales of book sales of movie, theater, TV and broadcasting titles and specialize in the negotiation of IPR.

We also advise manufacturers on mergers and acquisitions, negotiate TV executive labor agreements and establish new manufacturing firms. Frahlingur Blake Friedmann was established in 1982 through the merger of Frahlingur Julian Friedmann with Frahlingur Carole Blake; Carole took over the books and Julian the movie and TV titles.

Over the years, the company has expanded to four agents and one associated agents in the literature division as well as three movie and TV agents and one associated agents in our mediatypath. We are focused on the representation of the most gifted, vibrant and thrilling authors and filmmakers of all styles. We have always aimed to promote the career of authors, not just single works or publications, and to market them in as many different countries, different language versions and different types of medium.

The scriptwriters and stage designers have also received many accolades, among them BAFTA, Emmys, Oscar nominees, Director's Guild Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Award, Sony Gold Radio Award, Special Mention at the Berlin International Filmfestival and a Palme D'Or in Cannes. Established in 1989, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates is representing many of the world's best-known authors and filmmakers, theatres and TV-producers.

We' re proud of our personality and see ourselves as a fashion shop agent. Casarotto leads the movie and TV division with Rachel Holroyd (who is also CEO) and Jodi Shields. It represents cinematographers, TV-makers, authors, productions, bequests and the cinema and TV-licenses for a selected number of auctions.

Neither do we defend publishers' copyrights to works of art, nor do we act. The head of the theater department, Mel Kenyon, works as a senior theater salesman alongside Rachel Taylor, who together make up a gifted and respected cast of mature and aspiring dramatists and theater filmmakers. Founded in 1971, Cecily Ware Literary Agents is dedicated to serving TV and broadcast authors and editors.

Our main objective as a shop agent is to provide our customers with a high level of customer care, and to this end we keep our customer bases small but well-shaped. Associated member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain. Headquartered in London, we are a literature and talents consultancy established in 1899 by Albert Curtis Brown, an US paper journalist headquartered in England.

The Curtis Brown Group is now a dynamic full-service agent with over 80 employees, headed by the combined CEO' Jonny Geller and Ben Hall under the leadership of Jonathan Lloyd. The Management Committee consists of Nick Marston (Chairman, Media) Sarah Spear (Managing Director, Talent) and Jacquie Drewe (Managing Director, Presenters).

We not only represents many of the world's best-selling and award-winning writers, but also talents from the movie, TV, theatre and broadcasting industry through our extremely effective theater, press and presentation divisions. There is also a shop producing company (CUBA Pictures) and a writing school (Curtis Brown Creative).

Darley Anderson Literature, TV and Film Agency specializes in a wide variety of commercials. As leaders in the field of grown-up literature, we offer thriller, mystery, criminality, fear, fantasy, available literature, romance drama, chick-lit, endangered and story. Established in 1988 by Darley Anderson, the agency is headquartered in London with a local branch in Hay-on-Wye.

Founded in 1935, we are representing an excellent spectrum of playwrights of all kinds, in all types of mediums and in every language worldwide and are the premier advertising and illustration team. The Film, TV and Theatre Division looks after the work of gifted playwrights and screenwriters for the theater, the big screens and new medias, as well as the sale of film and theatre copyrights to the titles we manage.

To find out more about what we do and who we stand for, please visit the shelving on our website. They are nationally and globally known for their meticulously chosen customer base of award-winning writers, directors and department heads (Director of Photography, Production Designers, Costume Designers, Editor and Make-up Designers) - a group of talents at the forefront of the UK film and television industry.

Gemma Hirst established the GHA in June 2010 after 14 years as a press agent. It is a wide and diverse mixture of authors, stage managers, film makers and screenplay authors working on everything from children's animations and fiction movies to inventive and recurring dramatic shows such as TV, audio plays and theater. We are proud to provide our customers with a highly personalised, committed and experienced network of correspondents who are committed to ensuring that their interests are well serves both in the UK and the world.

In this sense, we work together with various book and talents side associates. Independents is Europe's premier talented advertising company. We have a clientele of acting, directing, writing, producing and producing professionals, below-the-line talents, moderators, casting managers, moderators, cartoons, speakers and others active in all areas of the industry.

The ICM Partners is one of the world's leading talented and frahlingures with practices in New York, Los Angeles and London. We represent talented professionals in the areas of film, TV, literature, music, directing, video, and theater. The ICM was created in 1975 through the amalgamation of the two companies Credit Suisse and ICM.

The ICM took up capital to finance further expansion in 2005 and in 2006 purchased Frahlingur Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann. During 2012, the firm concluded a managment buy-out and entered into a relationship with the new name ICM Partners. Film and TV authors and producers in the adults and families market as well as a steadily expanding line-up of opera singers, songwriters and musicians.

We' re a fashion retailer known for care and careers managment. Our team represents authors and author manufacturers from the fields of TV, broadcasting, film and theater. We associate our clients' reputations with some of the most popular comedies, dramas and entertainments of recent years, along with the full range of TV soap and ongoing shows.

The JFL Agency was founded in 2011 to represent the customers of Jill Foster Ltd. and to attract the best new authors. Headquartered in the UK, the firm is led by three agents - Alison Finch, Dominic Lord and Gary Wild - who have been working together for over a decennium, bringing together their expertise and sector-expertise.

In addition to the relationships with the agents, customers profit from an integrative view where each of the agents is active in the work for the entire customer group. Founded in May 1997, the Rod Hall Agency was rebranded Knight Hall Agency in May 2011 to act for dramatists and scriptwriters, film and director, and theatrical and film copyright in select fiction.

Edward Hughes & Nicolas Turner's agents have in-depth experience of the movie and TV industry and provide a comprehensive and personalized services that represent both the best and the most talented. It is appreciated for its pro-active attitude in the development of relations with British and global manufacturers, financers and broadcasting companies.

Lisa Richards was created in 1989 by Lisa and Richard Cook. Lisa Richards, initially a theatre agent, now represents actor, comedian, speaker, writer & playwright, director, scriptwriter, designer, composer and presenter, and has 15 employees in the various Dublin-London offices.

Lisa Richards has been at the core of the art and amusement industries for over 24 years and brings some of Ireland's best talents. Lisbon Richards is your first address for all kinds of speakers, actors, authors and film-makers.

More and more between our Dublin and London office, we can also offer entry to some of the best US performers in Europe with an interest in Europe's cinema and TV work. The Marjacq Scripts is a small but expanding full-service Frahlingur.

Diana Tyler and Michael Bakewell founded MBA Literary Agents Ltd in 1971 to support the work of authors for TV, broadcast, film and theater, where they both worked in BBC dramatic sections after a time. As a result of its outstanding network of business partners, the company soon grew into the fields of literature, non-fiction and children's books.

After Michael quit the company in 1974, the constant expansion under the direction of CEO Diana Tyler allowed a large number of authors to work on cross-media assignments in all areas, most recently also in children's literature. The Frahlingur represents new and wellestablished authors for theatres, operas, TV, film, broadcasting, entertainment and theater.

Nick Turner Management Ltd. is a London-based creativity consultancy that represents a wide range of authors, stage managers and production companies in the fields of fiction, TV theatre, dramatic, comedy, child theatre and music. A new, pro-active way to find and build connections with national and international production companies to promote the career of our authors and filmmakers.

We are a shop agent offering a committed and one-on-one customer care and support. A new, pro-active way to find and build connections with national and international production companies to promote the career of our authors and film-makers. We are a shop agent offering a committed and one-on-one customer care and support.

As a Frahlingur, Rochelle Stevens & Co offers each of our authors and filmmakers a highly motivated and personally committed team. With our wide and versatile customer base, we work individually on a wide range of products from children's animations to fiction movies, episode and TV, audio plays, theater, and music.

Founded in 1896 as Frahlingur, Sayle Screen has developed into one of London's premier and most traditional freelance studios, today acting for authors, filmmakers, directors and theatres. We' re working with Sara Putt Associates, the UK's premier below-the-line talents consultancy. In addition to our strong ties with the largest movie and TV studios and management companies in the USA, we also hold tragic titles in collaboration with some of the UK's top publishing houses such as Greene & Heaton, RCW and The Sayle Literature Authority.

The Sheil Land Associates is a long-established 1962 literature, theatre and movie company. With 12 employees, six of whom are agents and their aides, all backed by kind and seasoned financial and administration people, we are one of the top five frahlingurs in the UK.

Tennyson Agency specializes in theatrical, radio, television and film scripting as well as related ad hoc work. With a high standard customer base we are able to provide advice and representation for seasoned and newcomers. The agency was established in 1995 and acts for scriptwriters, stage managers, dramatists, composers, child playwriters and graphic designers.

Well-known as WME, William Morris Endeavor is one of the world's biggest talented agents with practices in Beverly Hills, New York, Nashville, London and Miami. It was founded in 2009 following the amalgamation of Endeavor and the William Morris Agency. The WME representatives represent top performers from all sectors of the consumer electronics industry, in particular films, TV, music, theater, commercials, literary and ditit.

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