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Find an agent New York Screenwriters Collective (New York, NY) EQUIRIRdirect's services are probably a wastage on the nothing that is worth it, the simple principle that is cut by the sale of the material to emerging scriptwriters is certainly more lucrative than the writings of scripts and P.T. Barnum suckers principles. According to the website of equerydirect: "Many agencies and executives no longer accepts unasked requests by facsimile or post.

Instead, they ask screenwriters to send their letters of inquiry by e-mail only." It seems the Council on this panel is the most valid; and there are the 2012 Spec Script Sales Analysis Any other favourite sources available for agent listing? It is unlikely, as you may already know, that you will achieve anything by a simple call/e-mail to an agent.

Suggest that you search your own private networks of friends/colleagues etc. and see if you can connect to an operative or even an office worker. Make sure you sell to a serious company. Make sure you sell to a serious company. It' will record your request in the mailboxes of 5,832 (currently total) professional email accounts, consisting of recording studio, producer and independant producer, as well as 2,801 (currently total) agencies and manager.

In fact, most editors who are strong enough to produce your scripts don't have enough free minutes to look at new authors' materials unless someone they knew well told them to. And the good thing is that you don't need an assistant to get small and medium-sized manufacturers to study your screenplay.

Examine out this e-book for all the footsteps to get to growers without a compound. keep typing!

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Literatary-agents....... The AEI ( "World Wide") Literaturmanagement and motions image productions group. This is a full-service frahlingur that represents authors of specialist literature and non-fiction books. Barbora Bauer Frahlingur, Inc. With the greatest, youngest and newest novelist in the world. Send a request with a stamp that represents the scriptwriters, stage managers and movie, theater and TV producer.

Submit your script or samples of your directorial work to Media Submissions. Frahlingur boutique based in Soho, Manhattan. Frahlingur for professionals. The Dystel & Goderich Literature ManagementPublishes books in categories such as women's healthcare, parenthood, cookery, literature and belletres. We have found many gifted people. Frahlingur Aktiv is looking for new and existing artists in various genres: literature, phantasy and non-fiction, news, healthcare, sciences, psychology, cookery, new ages, religious and religious life, film-scripts.

LLC Gail Ross is an attorney, publisher advisor and frahling. as a sci-fi / fancy or romantic. Representation of writers who write both literature and non-fiction for the majorstream and inspiring market. ICM, Inc. The ICM is an international film, TV, publisher, music, film, advertising, new medias and theatre group.

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