Screenwriter Opportunities

Opportunities for screenwriters

Screenplay Competitions, Fellowships & Labs - Indie Film Resources Also in 2017 TFI Sloan Student Winner and BVAC Fellows Intensive and TFI Intensive Screen Writing Intensive scheduled. These scholarships, laboratories, scholarships, competitions, and other nonprofit opportunities may be a great way to get your film and TV dream going. - NBCUniversal's 12-week programme concentrates on polished and prepared TV authors for a TV serial team.

  • This is a major handicap for people with a disability to get significant entry into the movie and leisure industr. Featuring new parts - with and without handicaps - in the movie with the possibility to make shorts that tell varied and unrepresented tales while connecting with Hollywood-pros.

This competition, which will take place over the weekends from 21 to 23 April, gives prospective story tellers the chance to compose, create and finish a shortfilm. Bottom is "Lefty & Loosey", a 5-minute feature length movie that won the award for best movie of the 2016 Challenge: - Non-profit sponsorship could be one of the keys to the success of your projects.

Movie Independents tries to resolve this issue by providing so-called "tax sponsorship". "The programme is open to all kinds of funded activities at all stages and provides a relationship between a 501(c)3 and an independant performer, giving them the opportunity to request funding and receive tax-deductible contributions for their work.

  • The laboratory is a four-day intense recreation in which scriptwriters over 40 years work together with excellent filmmakers. They are mentored by Jessica Bendinger ("Bring it On"), Amy Fox ("Equity"), Kirsten Smith ("Legal Bonde"), Pat Verducci ("True Crime") and the scriptwriters Caroline Kaplan ("Time out of Mind"), Susan Cartsonis ("What Want Women") and Mary Jane Skalski ("The Station Agent"), Lisa Cortes ("Precious").

IRIS and New York Women in Film & Television operate this one-of-a-kind authoring laboratory. Begun by Meryl Streep, The Labs is a 4 days seminar for women scriptwriters over 40. The Sundance Diversity Initiative's Intensive Screenwriter, founded in 2013, offers an informal group of aspiring authors and writers/directors the chance to refine their skills in a two-day focused workhop.

Included in the program are a practical scriptwriting class, a presentation of a current Sundance movie, followed by an open discussion with the director, and one-on-one interviews with the filmmakers and individual consultants to get feedbacks on their current work. - The Tribeca Movie Institute (TFI) has released that Annie Pulsipher, a Carnegie Melon movie undergraduate, has been awarded $30,000 for her script "The Glowing Gene".

" It is also managed by the Tribeca Institute and Alfred. With the Sloan Award, a new breed of filmmaker will be influenced and prospective scriptwriters will be helped to incorporate scientific and technical topics into their work. Each year, six top filmschools - AFI, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, NYU, UCLA and USC - enter a Sloan award-winning script for the award.

Winners will receive $30,000 in prizes, an invite to lectures by professionals at the Tribeca Festival and an invite to a "Sloan Works-In-Progress" lecture at the festival, as well as a partnership with a scientific community and a movie sponsor who will accompany and assist them professionally.

It provides education and assistance to independents working on documentaries, with a strong emphasis on helping aspiring performers and under-community groups. Fellows are receiving expert assistance for their community service activities and will be meeting for three evergreen workshop sessions in the Bay Area, at the Full Frame Filmfestival in Durham, North Carolina, and at another major domestic events in the autumn.

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