Screenplay Writers needed

Scriptwriters wanted

I am looking for a ghostwriter to write an ebook and a limited mini video course. I am looking for someone to advise me first for a script in development. Are you looking for author jobs in New York City, NY?

Digital Media Script Writer

We at Shape are specialized in creating the highest level of accessible, innovative movies, animated images, interactivity and explanatory music. We' re a multi-national community of professional producers who are living and working in our trade. We' re looking for individuals who are as dedicated and concentrated as we are, who are willing to get involved, to take on responsibilities and personal responsibilities and who are willing to develop and use as many caps as necessary to achieve the highest summit of our achievements.

We' re looking for versatile, imaginative and ambitioned writers for the creation, editing and proofreading of videoscripts.

  • Design your own concept, idea, storyboard, and even scripts for different types of movies, including promotional, explanatory, and interactive clips. - Produce the contents, sound and angles according to the needs of customers and viewers for each film. - Must have more than 5 years expierience in scriptwriting and also in authoring contents that appeal to a broad public.
  • Who' s your favourite scriptwriter and why?

Film-less freelance screenwriter

Our Filmless vision is to be the quickest, simplest and cheapest way for businesses to get to work. We are a fast-growing business looking for people as committed as we are, willing to move up, take responsibility and use as many caps as necessary to maximize outcomes.

We are looking for versatile, imaginative and ambitioned writers who are writing, editing and reviewing videos. They need to be able to create great idea and create scripts/treatments for a multitude of the customer's own goods and service.

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