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That is why there are so few BIG scripts. It was hoped you could tell me who I could turn to or where I could go to help me with the next step after writing the script. Scripts Coverage Service - We are reading your screenplay

We have worked for big studio and production companies like JJ Abrams, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, CAA, Sundance, ICM, SyFy, Ridley Scott, Curtis Hanson and others. Definition of the cover of the script: Filmmakers, film production companies and agencies are often overstrained with scripts. In order to find good scripts and gifted scriptwriters among the many entries, they usually engage screenplay writers who usually take readings of the scripts they submit and take short notes known as" Screenplay Coverage".

Included in our Script Repositioning Service: Most of your reporting is in our scripts section, packed with detailed, revealing criticism (and some bug fixes). Our screenplay analyses are as simple and impartial as possible, because not only scriptwriters depend on us, but also on our agencies and produce.

Readers evaluate your screenplay in 22 different areas including characters, dialog, plot, subject, conflicts, tension, presentations and more. The numeric score is for personal use only. CONSIDER (the screenplay needs a little more work, but can be taken into consideration by an agent or studio), or RECOMMEND.

After the opening of our ministry in 1999, about 95% of the scripts have been awarded a Passport, 4% a CONSIDER and only 1% or less a RECOMMEND. More and more "gatekeepers" in Hollywood, as an informational "litmus test" of the feminine representativeness of a screenplay, consider the sex variety (and variety in general) of a given projects when it is considered for consideration in terms of evolution, so that we would not consider it for our experienced work.

You can ask any of your subscribers follow-up queries after you receive your report with our scripts covering services. You can use them to clear up points the readership has made in your reporting, or delve more deeply into their proposals for special corrections, or run one or two ideas through them. Please enter the desired services in your shopping basket.

Use our simple online submission tool to submit your story. As soon as we are ready, we will send you your scripts reports or memos by e-mail. Do you ask your readers follow-ups? Strangely enough, they don't tell you who reads your screenplay or that person's skills. Improve your scripts by giving them a "dry run" so you can fix vulnerabilities and have a better shot at sell or land.

Promise to put your screenplay in front of your "bigwig Hollywood contacts" if it "scores high enough", and/or to sell you e-courses and online-inars. We provide screenwriter based on our scripts. There are no screenwriting competitions. There are no monotonous or lilac listings or lilac listings or random, laughable "script scores" that no one in the movie business takes care of, or try to lure you into cheap scripting competitions or buy classes or tutorials.

All we do is reading screenplays and giving authors and film makers feedbacks. This last group of memos, synopses and even loglines I found the most inspiring and informative I have ever had. You obviously have some of the most imaginative film makers in your own right to work with you.

" and the scriptwriter on our pay list come from all areas of the movie industry: design, manufacturing, post-production - whatever. However, we believe that without constant, discerning feedbacks on our screenplay from various different origins, we will not get very far. You can use our scripts annotations and coverages to direct your next design (or the producer, use them to boost the scriptwriter you work with) or select the annotations you think will help your work most.

For a complete listing of frequently asked questions about our scripts covering services, click here. and two great cover legends that we expose regularly: Virtually no scripts covering services are required to sell or represent your scripts. However, we believe that without genuine feedbacks from any sources, writers would never become better at their job and editors would never pursue their career on poor quality films that no audiences seem to find.

However, every author needs some kind of feed-back. Encouraging potential customers to get as much free feed-back as possible before working with us. So, if you are here and haven't tried to get free feedbacks from author groups or collegues, do so first and then come back to us!

If you have used all these free options or do not have them, our reader can help.

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