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It was a disgusting, disgusting, unethical and humiliating foray. Keep in mind that in Europe, when it was necessary to find the housepainter and the mobster, they had to make anxiety and horror tolerable to the unknowing. Circusses will do it, and that was just such a big show; conceal the American Constitution with the faces of actor films; yield to the lack of knowledge by saying to folks that lack of knowledge is good and even better to lie; attract the millionaires film maker and show that he too is a coward.

Remove him from his gold home and make him a traitor and a jester and for those who like such shows and suffer such humiliation.

Sign up for SGA in April and we'll refund you up to $50 for shopping at the guild store by May 2014.

Sign up for SGA in April and we'll refund you up to $50 for shopping at the guild store by May 2014. You should take a look at the IMDb backgrounds before you meet the so-called producers. SGA' s Green-lit Market is the screenwriter's gateway to break through the Hollywood walls and selling their filmplays.

For more information, see Green-lit Markets. LA - The SGA is launching an international forum for open discussion between working and prospective scriptwriters. Please see SGA's Open Forum for a free subscription. And if you are a working audio and video enthusiast, we would like to encourage you to join the SGA Mentor Program. We will always draw our know-how and experience from the collaborative, shared know-how of the most sought-after experts in the TV and film world.

Which in turn are sharing their years and in many cases their lives of invaluable knowing, understanding and cognition. Please click here to see or enumerate your script competition "Call for Entries". See Indie Filmmaker for the film festival "Call for Entries".

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