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Screround-readers are a form of assistive technology. The Mobile Accessibility App includes an Android screen reader and a range of accessible apps designed specifically for the blind. Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is the most popular free screen reader. The Sway is available as a web app, universal app and iOS app. Applications created with Unified Interface are optimized for Narrator.

Screen reader listing

Chromevox GoogleChrome OS or, with a voice processing unit, Linux, Mac, WindowsFreeChromeVox is a screen reader for Chromes and Chromes OS. WindowsCommercialSupports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) et JavaAccessbridge. ConsoleFree and open sourceMakes a full sound desk top, which includes web accessibility with JavaScript enabled. V. RamanEmacs (on *nix)Free and open sourceConverts Emacs into a "complete sound desktop". iZoomIssistWindowsCommercialScreen Loupe with low-visual voice functions.

Contains Mozilla Firefox compatibility. JournalFreedom ScientificWindows and DOSCommercial for Windows; Free software for MSAA, Java Access Bridge and PDF. This is a screen reader that emphasizes the subject to be scanned and the text. MSAA, Java Access Bridge (OpenOffice), per line reads from Win32 class "Edit"(Notepad) and "RichEdit"(Wordpad), MS Word.

Monthly test release available. MAGicFreedom ScientificWindowsCommercialSpeech Loupe with low-visibility voice function. Anyone running Chrom browserFree and Open Sourcecode (.apache 2.0)metalmouth is a simple open-screen reader program that allows you to view any HTML5 web page and interoperate with most HTML5 inboxes. The program also support multi-tab browsing.

WindowsCommercialBundled with current version of Windows, this fundamental screen reader uses MSAA. non-visual desktop access (NVDA)non-visual desktop access ProjectWindowsFree and Open South (.GPL2)Programmed and scripted in Python. Compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE, Word, Excel, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. Support web contents with JavaScript. Support Java Access Bridge.

Organisational GNOME*nixFree and Open Code ( LGPL 2.1)Development of Orca was launched by Sun Microsystems as part of the GNOME ecosystem with input from many members of the GNOME family. But since Oracle took over Sun Microsystems in 2010, Orca has become a fully community-driven ecosystem. Support ing AT-SPI, it works with GNOME Desktops, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, OpenOffice/LibreOffice and GTK+, KDE/Qt and Java Swing/SWT apps.

Although it has been designed by the GNOME Projekt, it is the most common screen reader for Unix-like operating system with graphic environment other than GNOME, such as KDE or Unity. WindowsCommercialAvailable to buy or downlaodcast d'essai de PCVozEzHermaticWindowsCommercial. MSAA support. Screen Reader (früher Supernova)Dolphin Computer AccessWindowsCommercialInclut un agrandisseur d'écran et une sortie en braille.

Free 30 days trial version available for free trial version available for free trial now. Compatible with MSAA, Java Access Bridge and PDF. Just click here to get TalkerEcoNet InternationalWindowsCommercialTrial. The System AccessSerotekWindowsCommercialTrial trial version is available. Compatible with Microsoft Explorer (including DHTML/Ajax and Flash), Outlook Express, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype and Adobe Reader. Java is not yet supported. TalkButton [3]Upward Spiral SoftwareMacCommercialTalkButton works with Microsoft Word to build a rich text-to-speech interface.

Test versions available. ScreenReaderSensor SoftwareWindowsFreewareSupports MSAA. MicroPowerVirtual VisionWindowsCommercialBrazilian screen reader. MSAA support. VoiceOverApple Inc. includes Mac OS XP, iPhone, iPad, iPods, and Apple TVFree, CommercialFree and in every Apple products. WebAnywhereUniversity of WashingtonWebFree and Open South ( "new BSD") Does not need any additional setup to run, so can be used on any open terminals that have music onboard.

WindowsCommercialScreen Reader with magnifying glass. Windows-EyesGW MicroWindowsCommercialAvailable to buy or down-load 30-minutes per Windows sessions demonstration. MSAA support. ZoomTextAi SquaredWindowsCommercialIncluding screen-glass. Test downlaod available. Screen loupe inclusive. It was an alternate to Orca, launched by IBM in 2006. Linux Screen Reader (LSR)GNOME*nixFree and Open Code (New BSD License).

SpeakCode FactorySymbian OS portable, Windows MobileCommercialFull-fledged screen reader and Braille interface to connect to your cellphones. Monthly test release available. Simbian's phase-out in 2013 and Windows Mobiles in 2010 made it redundant. Discussions et Zooms[13]Nuance CommunicationsSymbian OS Series 60 Third and 5a Ed et Simbian^3CommercialPrésentation et free trial éversion à trouver sur le site.

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPods, Windows, Android etc. FreeTeleTender is a speech communications solution for visually handicapped users, integrated in a cloud-based screen reader. In order to use it, simply select one of its numbers. VirgoBAUM Retec AGWindowsCommercialSubstituted by COBRA. WinVisionArtic TechnologiesWindowsCommercialNot stopped but there is no further publication since 1997.

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