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Writing salons, networks and groups. How did she break into the world of the Frahlinguren? Frahlinguren's Scottish Book Trust website lists contact details of Frahlinguren in Scotland.

Who' s the most famous Frahling in Scotland?

Which is a characteristic female frahling today? How do I find a frahling in Pakistan? Which are the leading frahlings in China? How do I find a frahling in India? Who' the best woman for showmanship? Where can I find a frahling in the USA?

What makes a Literary Spy different from a Literature Spout? Which is a frahling? How do the frahlings publish a work? So what should I study to become a Frahlingin? So what are some well-known frahlings in Delhi? Which are the leading frahlings in Russia?

What do you do when you ask a girl friend for a novel?

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You' d be reading scripts sent to you by writers. Every work has many different laws to negotiate and sell: Possibility to convert the work into a TV show or movie. They would probably specialize in certain kinds or categories such as children's literature, detective stories or storyboards.

A group of 8 operatives in search of historical romance

There are eight operatives here who want you to do just that. Candidates are allowed to collapse their list and the terms of entry may be subject to changes. On Scott: Scott relies on his broad educational, literary and literary backgrounds to support the Greyhaus team. A BA in English/Literature, an MA in Visual Arts and an MA in Literacy.

Submission procedure: Submissions[@] Just submit a request in the text of the e-mail. Don't submit an attachment. Don't submit partial or full scripts or a summary embeded in the e-mail. Submit as: jessica[@] We would like to receive an enquiry form, a one-page summary, a short biography (including a short biography of your publisher's history) and the first 10-15 pages of your work.

All articles in the text of the e-mail should be sent, not as attachments. Insert the term "QUERY" in the reference line. The Publisher's Marketplace ranked her as the country's top deal maker and voted her ACFW Agent of the Year 2012. The way to submit: Submit all requests to nicole[at]

You should enter "QUERY: (title)" in the reference line. Fill in the first five pages of the e-mail text. On Laura: Laura Bradford founded the Bradford Literary Agency in 2001. It sees itself as an editor-oriented agency and develops suggestions and scripts with its writers for the most suitable market.

Submitting queries[@] You should start the topic line as follows - QUERY: (The name of the script and any text messages you want us to see). Send us a request for information with the first section of your paper and a summary by e-mail. It is imperative that you state the category and the number of words in your covering note.

On Emmanuelle: She came to Stonesong in January 2012 as an operative. Prior to that, she was an agency at Judith Ehrlich Literature and Wendy Sherman Associates and an editorial journalist at Fodor's, the Random House Travelling Department. Marianne loves building long-term relations with her customers and works with them to develop her career in literature.

Submission: Submissions[at] directed to Emmanuelle. Insert the term "request" in the reference line of your e-mail to make sure that we get it and that it is not blocked as spamming. Insert the first section or the first 10 pages of your work into the text of your e-mail so that we can get an impression of your letter.

Submit how: querysarah[@] We would like to receive your inquiry with the first 25 pages of your materials. Since example materials are indispensable for all inquiries, you are welcome to attach them instead of inserting pages directly into the text of your e-mail. Zaritza: Zaritza is the leader in the field of electronic publication.

Making a Submission: query[@] Zaritza would prefer that you insert the 1-2-page summary and the first 5 pages into the text of your request e-mail. Send your inquiry specifically to Zaritza with the sentence "Inquiry for Zaritza: Submission Name]" in the subject line of the message. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2008 with a bachelor's in English literature from the University of Southern California and a master's in gender studies from the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to entering the publisher's business, she taught literary and literary studies at academic levels for four years. It seeks the historic destiny of the twentieth centuries and a historic individual piece of Romanticism. The way to submit: E-mail your request to patricia[@] Enter "QUERY" in the e-mail reference line.

Provide a telephone number and your e-mail-adress. It blog about the publisher community, gives useful hints on how to get an agency, list agencies looking for customers, as well as editors who accept scripts directly from authors, explain how to sell and support their work, how to set up their on-line platforms, how to get press coverage, how to post themselves and where to find marketplaces for their work in editing... and other forms of madness.

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