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The Association of Scottish Literary Agents represents the rights and interests of writers and illustrators from around the world. Mitglied der Association of Scottish Literary Agents. in-Can Literary Telephone Agency Wellcome to the Tin-Can Telephone Literary Agent. Most of all we enjoy reading and writing, we like great authors, great publishing houses and we especially like our readership. We are not a typically Frahlingur, which you can use with a little luck.

Things we like to do a little differently by getting together emerging authors and great readership, because a non-readable textbook is one of the most sad things we can imagine.

We know the best in the world of writing and know what it needs to be written for a business world. Our fellowship will be available to help emerging creators refine their crafts until they are willing to release.

We want to make a difference in the way we work. Big tales can give the reader an insight into other realities and other life. There is nothing as mighty as the man's imaginations, which are triggered by a history. We are not interested in literature by genre, but by the strength of the narrated history and whether it can shed some kind of subtlelight on a concealed part of the personal adventure.

This could be a fictional, non-fiction, criminal, history, literature, sci-fi or comedy. If it comes from the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to see it.


IS JENNY LOVING YOUR NOTEBOOK? In 2002 Jenny founded the company that carries her name. A seasoned director of the Scottish Arts Council's literature department, which broadcasts a number of books for Scottish television, she was one of the main driving force behind the founding of the beautifully acclaimed International Buch Festival in Edinburgh.

Jenny does not accept new entries at the moment of posting, but authors should get in touch with their website directly as their stats may be subject to changes without prior notification. The company chooses to serve customers from Scotland and northern England as it has a preference for strong customer contacts. Lastly, we should not forget that Jenny was a member of the Association of Authors' Agents board and chairwoman of the Bloody Scotland crimewriting Festival - an international celebrated Tartan Noir party.

Free evaluation version. Brief biography: free test version. Customer Listing Status: free evaluation version. The genre this agents is interested in: free try. Writers & Readers Like: free test version. Others love & passion: free test. Submitting an entry: free test version. More tips and backgrounds: free test version. Transparent index: free test version.

Just click on Twitter: free test version. Interessting links: free test version. Customers: free test version. Complete customer list: free test version. E-mail address: free test version. Would you like full acces to our information and searching tool? free test version. Established in 1988 by Felicity Bryan, our company covers a broad range of respected writers who write non-fiction, literary and children's books for adults.

Headquartered in Oxford, we see ourselves as an internationally operating company that sells our author's works worldwide. In addition, we work in close cooperation with a selected number of movie and TV agents. We' re proud of the individual care we give to our customers, and when the Society of Writers conducted a survey on how their members assessed their agents, we were number two.

Submission address: Accept e-mail submissions: If you wish to send back your manuscripts, please enter your e-mail and enough money to pay back, otherwise only a prepaid reply-jacket. A sketch of 3-4 pages, on A4 sheet with two lines, showing why the work is important and inventive, on what research or experiment you base it, how it is compared to other works on the topic and what you would treat in it.

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