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Then take part in this six-week workshop and turn your ideas into creative science fiction and fantasy novels. Discover the possibilities of your imagination in this science fiction workshop led by a screenwriter and filmmaker. You are invited to take a look at my free online guide, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, with an emphasis on the basics of storytelling. is a fantasy and science fiction writer, especially for young people. For more information on other workshops, read the Winter School:.

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Sci-fi and Fantasy- or spectacular fiction-is the 21st century novel. It has never been so much loved by the readership and authors, and the movie and TV realms are ruled by adaptions of SF masterpieces, from the apocalyptic phantasy game of the thrones to the dystopic play of the starvation games.

In this one days course, award-winning steamunk author Liesel Schwarz will introduce you to the essential elements of writing great fiction, from creating believable environments and captivating personalities to developing convincing storylines. Hands-on tutorials allow you to refine your own writing so that you can work with a scheme of how to make a textbook work at every stage for some of the most discerning reader of fiction.

The course is perfect for all aspiring science fiction or phantasy authors who hope to take the next steps towards printing. Covering the essential to produce a sophisticated script and pass it on to editors and editors, with insights from both literature and industrial perspectives.

As a lifelong admirer of Gothic nineteenth-century literary art, she is a desperate romanist and enjoys Victorian, steamunk, fairies, monster fantasies, the fin de siècle and the right way to sip absinthe. She is a member of the BSF and the BS Society and is currently doing her Ph. D. in Science Fiction and Ph.D. in Writing at Brunel University.

Editor-in-chief of Del Rey UK, a sci-fi and fantasy-imprint of the Penguin Random House Group, Michael Rowley publishes the latest and most thrilling cast of hedge fiction. 60-minutes Masterclasses e-books are full of concise, hands-on tips to help you do more with your writing, media and business .

ALPHAPA, the science fiction, fantasy and horror workshop for young writers - between 14 and 19 years? Take 11 working day to learn from professionals how to spell, criticize and publicize fiction.

Candidates for Workshop 2018 are now final. Staged between Wednesday, July 25 and Sunday, August 5, 2018, the seventeenth year of the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus will host the Academy's Academy of Sciences Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Workshop for young writers (14-19 years). Alphas are visiting writers for 2018: Every visitor spends two to three working day in the workshop.

We are looking for young, passionate, talented authors with a keen interest in science fiction, imagination and/or ghoul. Historically, alfa has been visited by Canadian, British, US and even Chinese, Turkish, Australian and New Zealand schoolchildren. Find out more about writing and publication.

Speak about shorts, fiction and movies. Take part in the authors' lectures. This workshop is small, with a max. of 20 people. Since 2002 Alphea has taken place every year in Pittsburgh. Former entrants have won the Dell Magazines Award and the Writers of the Future competitions and have released their books and shorts in major cities such as Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, Cicada, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Nature Futures and Pseudopod.

The workshop will cost $1200 and will cover all workshop-related expenses, accommodation and board, but not transport to and from Pittsburgh. There is a restricted funding fund available for those who would otherwise not be able to participate in the workshop. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to get the latest information and updates about the workshop:

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