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We' re asking some of Britain's best women to let us know what kind of science fiction and fantasy submissions they're looking for and how they can make your manuscript stand out. The Diversion Books was founded by Scott Waxman of the Waxman Literary Agency. Marisa Crisp. An awesome editor''Julie is a awesome edit. Not only does she have the unique capacity to see what's not right with a textbook, but to know exactly what it takes to fix it" `A real joy' `Working with Julie Crisp is a real joy and a career honor and the best that can come along with your book' `Erproved to be priceless' ` Julie Crisp has been my journalist for many years.

Her work on my scripts has proven priceless and made me realize how important it is for an artist to be a profession. July is the publisher of''A Miraculous Mentor''''Julie Crisp has been teaching me how to compose a novel. When you wonder if she should be your spy, the reply is yes''took me to the next stage as a writer''Julie was my Pan Macmillan novelist and took me to the next stage as a novelist.

She is an authority on things you are insecure about, but she can't say why: Well, she will tell you: "Passionate and clinical", "Julie Crisp is one-of-a-kind, her editing eyes are both impassioned and clinic. Julie not only has the editing accuracy of a samurais saber for cutting a script, but also the sensibility and intelligence to get the most out of writers and their work.

Every authoress would thrive under her direction and create a more powerful work''A uniquely structured eye'''Julie Crisp has a uniquely structured one.

All 3 agencies are looking for customers - Science Fiction, Fantasy, MG, YA, Non-Fiction & more

Three frahlings are active in this area. Comedian Stacey Graham (Red Sofa Literary) is looking for humour literature, funny memoirs, obscure mid-range, new age with a powerful stage, bizarre articles (YA/MG and adults), story and ghast. The Donald Maass Literature Agency (Paul Stevens) is looking for sci-fi, phantasy, mystery, tension and comedy.

Foundry Tanusri Prasanna is looking for childlit, from storybooks and mid-range to YA (including YA/Adult crossover). On Stacey: Stacey is associated agency for Red Sofa Literature after years on the other side of the literature table. Writer of four novels, free-lance journalist, ghost writer and scriptwriter, she works in close collaboration with Boundary Stone Films.

She is looking for: humor literature, funny memoirs after Jenny Lawson or John Cleese, obscure medium-sized businesses, New Age with a powerful plattform, bizarre articles (YA/MG and adults), story and ghast. She' s not looking for YA fabrication or grown-up imagination. Mr. Stevens has been with Frahlingur Donald Maass since 2016.

He' s been working as an editorial journalist for 15 years, mainly at Tor Boks, where he has published sci-fi, fantasy as well as mystic. On the lookout for sci-fi, phantasy, mystery, excitement and humour (both a fictional and non-fiction book). On Tanusri: Tanusri had a somewhat unconventional shift to the world of publish. As an enthusiastic supporter of children's writing, Tanusri entered a textbook society in 2012, which was dedicated to the subject of childlit and thus laid the foundation for her choice to become a Frahlingur specialized in children's music.

For this purpose, she gathered invaluable experiences at Knopf Young Readers and Foundry Literary+ Media before moving to the HSG. A native of India, Tanusri grew up in India and although she has been living in the UK for fourteen years and then in New York, she has deep-rooted origins on the subcontinent of India.

Because of her wide range of career and backgrounds, Tanusri also strives to find authors who can tell authentic tales of different parts and convey the beauty and complexities of the surrounding environment. She' s interested in all kinds of kidlite, from storybooks to mid-range to YA (including YA/Adult Crossover).

He is attracted by story tellers who seduce the reader with a big sound and a hint of humour into their elaborately designed storylines, and by novelists with a lively feeling for the ridiculous. While her main interest is childlit, she is also open to selected home tension (Tana French and Sophie Hannah are two of her favourite novelists in this genre) and voice-controlled narratives on questions of so-so. equity.

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