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City of Frahlingen Germany

Thus, frahlings are also a fact for first-time and young authors. Follower of Frahlingur Marie Rodell-Frances Collin. Specialized agents in science fiction Specialized in science fiction and imagination; also children's books, deep L-literature, criminality and enigma and action/adventure fiction (15%-20%). Nonfiction can be taken into account if it is requested first.

Narrow-minded fiction: science fiction, phantasy and ghoul. Submit 50 pages with a one-page summary (sae essential). Work with Marsh Agency Ltdon Translations Law. Non-fiction: literary and business fiction, narratives, self-help, cookery books, education, science fiction/fantasy, children's books.

Edits photo albums, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, youth fiction and serial fiction. Submit a request with a summary and up to 50 pages of example MS. In search of high standard youth literature. Submit a request with a summary and up to 50 pages of example MS. Established in 1948; specializations of interest to British writers: mystery, women's literature, story, bio, science fiction, imagination.

Enquiries must contain enough IRLs. Collaborates with agents around the world. Follower of Frahlingur Marie Rodell-Frances Collin. We are representing general and fiction fictions. Among these are Romantic, mysterious, YA, sci-fi and fantastic. If you are interested in publishing an eBook on your own, we also welcome contributions from writers, agents and publishing houses.

Send an email with your access data, an explanatory note on what makes your novel special, and a summary of your novel to of the Frahlingur Rebecca Friedman and Catherine Crawford, a publisher and writer from New York City. It was established in 2016.

Do not call the agent to make an enquiry or make an enquiry. In order to request "Query (agent name)" and the headline of your novel in the reference line, please enter the following in the text of the email to query(at)inklingsliterary(dot)com: An inquiry that contains: Ask Whitley:

It was established in January 2013. email:

We would like you to write us a cover note, a brief review and the complete script, labeled for the account of Luke Speed. Include a cover note and a CV with example movies and/or show roles to Luke Speed. Literature, science fiction, some non-fiction. Worked with Marsh Agency Ltd for overseas legalities.

If you are a new author, you should write to the Bureau (do not accept e-mail manuscripts), outline your novel on one page and include the first three sections of your novel. It is recommended that new authors familiarise themselves with the work of authors currently supported by the Agencys before they submit their own work.

Representing literary and general comercial fiction, thriller, criminality, tension, fantasy, drama, science fiction, movie and TV script. Non-fiction: political science, sociology, contemporary historiography, army. Poetry, children's literature, religion literature, how-to, drugs rehabilitation, eroticism, garden work or cooks. Attach a summary. Fiction: Commercials and literature, YA, fantasies, women's fiction, sci fi, children's suffix. Non-fiction: Histoire, Economics, Science, Life Science, People.

Established in 1976, merges with the Lurton Blassingame in 1978, in 1928. Specialized in science fiction, imagination, mystery/suspense and romatic tension. Belles lettres and non-fiction (domestic 15%, foreign 20%). Comercial fiction: thriller, enigmas, children's, romances, women's, ethno, science fiction, imaginary and general fiction; also literary fiction with a powerful story.

Non-fiction: news, healthcare, science, ecology, cookery, new ages, intellectuality, pop cultural, adventures, true criminality, biographies and memoirs. There is a member listing on the website of the U.S. Agents Union (http://www.aar-online. org), suggestions for items you can discuss with an agentee who represents you, and some more information about the relation between the writer and the agent:

Fiction, history, science fiction, children's books, screenplays, television serials and documentaries. An exhaustive summary, together with (in the case of a books project) the first three sections of the respective script in a Word file; a complete CV with personality and career history; all appendices to the work ( (e.g. actor, director or finance); information about all manufacturers or frahlingurs who have audited or are currently auditing the respective work, together with any feedbacks that may have been submitted so far.

istine Cohen, a fiction specialist in science fiction and imagination (home 15%, abroad 20-25%). Please submit a summary (1-3 pages), a covering note and a summary. Agents work with literary and comercial fiction, women's literature, science fiction/fantasy, story, memoir, biographies, science, education, cookery literature, how-to, self-help, economics, youth fiction and illustratediction.

Send us an e-mail with your access data, an explanatory note on what makes your textbook special, a summary and the first three sections. Fiction and non-fiction for adults and young people (15% in Germany, 20% abroad). Interest in romanticism, sci-fi and imagination, females, gay/lesbian, excitement and thriller. Inquiry only by e-mail; no unwanted MSS.

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