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He is particularly interested in various fictions, including fantasy. MSL is a Twitter hastag agent and editors use it to let writers know what they're looking for. 14 frahlings in search of science fiction There are 14 agents looking for science fiction scripts. Another good page for locating information about agents (e.g.

who they represent). Please be sure to check the agency's website before consulting an affiliate. Deployment policies may be changed and agents may move agents or shut down their list.

When these agents do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of new and existing agents adding to their customer lists: Agent looking for customers. She has a Master of Library and Information Science degree. Desiring to follow her interest in the commercial side of the book, she then signed up for the Columbia Publishing Course.

She has worked for Writers House and Publish or Perish Agency/New England Publish Associates and Jane Rotrosen Agency. Paula: She started out as a freelance writer, co-authored more than a decade of literature and has also worked as an editorial writer, acquisition expert, digitally managed author and publisher.

E queries Editorial[at] talcottnotch. net with "Search for Paula: [Title]" in the topic line. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and a B.A. in Social Sciences from Miami University, and is copyediting graduate of Emerson College. Mr Kaylee joins the firm as a specialist editor, corrector and administration secretary.

She' been recently appointed Associate Literary Agency. Submit your inquiry, summary and the first 25 pages to[at] Since 2017 Jennie Goloboy has been with Frahlingur Donald Maass. Prior to that, she was an operative at Red Sofa Literary for six years. Especially Jennie is looking for funny, inventive, varied and progressively science fiction and adult fantasies.

One of the most important tasks of science fiction is to envision a bright and bright futur. He is from Shelby, North Carolina and holds a B.A. in Communications?-?Media Studies and Production from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Add your summary and the first three sections of your script. On Mark: From an early age Mark showed a keen interest in his father's work, his foundation of Trident with Dan Strone and the expansion of the group. Continuing this emphasis on publishers at Emerson College, where Mark was a founder member of the Publishers Club and then oversaw his first release under the Wilde Press impression.

Having graduated Emerson in literary, written and published work, Mark began his professional life as Penguin's Berkley imprints vice president's secretary and worked with the company's senior editorial staff. Ensure that you send your request to Mark. On Sara: Sara is a Frahlingin with nine years of editorial expertise.

Specializing in working with writers from the fields of high school, youth, romanticism, eroticism, science fiction and imagination, she is representing the New York Times bestsellers Roni Loren and Jason Hough as well as the internationally bestsellers Stefan Bachmann and Tiffany Reisz. She was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned her bachelor's from California State University, Sacramento.

She relocated to New York City in 2012 to participate in the NYU Summer Publishing Institute and soon became a member of the JABberwocky family. Previously she worked at San Francisco Book Review and Barnes & Noble, did an internship at the Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency and was a readership for Lightspeed Magazine. Please attach your request for quotation.

It is desirable to have a summary of 1-3 pages, but this is entirely voluntary. "Inquiry:: On Beth: After an educational background full of placements in publishers, Beth came to BookEnds in September 2012 as a literary intern and was appointed Associate Literary Agent in 2015. Lynnette worked as a free-lance editor for seventeen years before working for The Seymour Agency.

Her work has included new scriptwriters, experienced scriptwriters, as well as New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. She holds a B.E. from the Universidad de Manitoba, where she specializes in English and French. A graduate in Advance Arts Literatures at the Institute of Children's Books, she graduated in child and youth composition.

Your two mintees bought an operative. She is a recent alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University write seminar program, where she focused on poems and non-fiction. Ms. Beyreuther graduated from Trinity College in Dublin and has an MA in General Studies in Economics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Christine is the creator of fiction and poems and the cookery book called √ČATING THE BIBLE, which has been published in five different tongues.

Specializing in science fiction and imagination, Mary appreciates a broad range of literary cannons. Ask Mary[at] Include a one-page summary and the first fifty pages of your paper as individual Word or PDFs. Nicole: Nicole was ranked the country's top deal maker by Publisher's Marketplace and voted ACFW Agent of the Year 2012.

Her love of exploring new talents and assisting the best creators take their careers to the next stage. It blog about the publisher's community, gives useful hints on how to get an agency, list agents looking for customers, as well as editors who accept scripts directly from the author, explain how to sell and support their work, how to set up their own website, how to get their own review, how to post themselves and how to maintain their mood in publication and other forms of madness.

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