Science Fiction Ideas for Writing

Writing Science Fiction Ideas

Perhaps one of these calls inspired an idea for a novel. We' developed this random generator to inspire science fiction writers. It is a place to read and share new science fiction concepts, to write prompts and story ideas. Here are some basic ideas to consider when writing short stories: He has taught science fiction at Harvard University and the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

Twenty sci-fi story ideas

The last one, I split 20 ideas for a phantasy part. It is my delight this year to travel from planet earth into orbit. It' about....*drum roll* sci-fi stories ideas! Do you need any more ideas? Here you will find our top 100 ideas for every kind of film. For your information, these are more "soft sci-fi" than "hard sci-fi", which means that they focus more on characters than on mathematics and science.

In order to prevent conflict, our government must involve a highly marginalised part of the people: the deaf. Compose from the point of view of a person who tries to keep his tropic fruits intact. Make a tale in which he is actually the survival of an acquatic extraterrestrial race that fell here aeons ago, and he tries very harshly to teach the "local" wanglanguage so that he can adapt.

When he first makes contacts, please do so from his point of view. Type from the point of view of the juvenile foreigner who finds it out first. Use everything we find today (shopping centres, information centers, face removal tools, etc.) and make a tale from the point of view of an archaeologist who just dug this shit up, has no clue what it was for, and in an lesson has to give a talk in which he explains the historical/religious/sociological meaning.

This fifteen-hundred year high-schooler of our futures is given a one-sided writing assignment about the lives of a 21st-Century man exclusively inspired by television advertising. Type the beginning of the article. Compose from the point of view of a man who decides to go back in history because he knows that he can never come back.

Compete from the point of view of the tourists who inadvertently turn you on. South Africa's notable San tribes are widely regarded as the oldest species of humans on the world. Create a history in which their singular genetical structures have been conserved by the nanorobots created millennia ago.

Draw these intriguing facts from China's past and tell a tale about the "fortune teller" who created the complex before he sells it to the discoverer and map maker Zheng He. In ten years' timeframe, researchers will find out how to stop people from ageing and prolong their lives for an indefinite period of eternity - but every timeframe that passes, someone else has to be killed to keep the excess populations at bay.

From the point of view of someone who has just received a post-it says that he is the one who must be killed. Neuronal prostheses transform musical enjoyment into bodily enjoyment, and headphones ("jacking in") are the means of today's world. Either type from the point of view of a musical enthusiast OR the Sonforce agents (Sonance + Enforcer) who have the task to crack down hard.

In the great crisis of 3500, our world was destroyed, and the rest of our civilisation survived in only half a dozen huge vaulted states. Comes from the viewpoint of a young lady who has just found out that she has been selected to procreate - but she has no interest in being a mum. If you are writing a tale from the point of view of an angry minimal wages worker whose work travels back in history to get otherwise unattainable artefacts, then he must take them back to the present (the 18th century) and make them grow old before they are sold.

Compete from the point of view of a hot-air balloonist serving people who like a little bit of excitement.... which means that she is spending half her spare moment in the sky firing down pterodactyl before the paid clients get too frightened. Humans' gene manipulation has gone too far, and the greatest tendency for teens is to become their favourite fiction figure.

Compose from the point of view of one of the few samurai left to keep these extraterrestrials safe and covert. They' ve made up their minds that enough fucking mind has elapsed and that the earth has probably already recuperated, so they'll be home at 12pm. Does one of these ideas tickles your narrative bone?

It' playing with stories! Fifteen-minute sessions and create at least one of these stories.

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