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Best-selling and award-winning horror, science fiction and fantasy book editors. Here is why editing is important, followed by my recommendations for editors I know personally. Belletristic and non-fiction editor for all kinds of projects. These are a list of science fiction editors working for book and magazine publishers who have published science fiction. Pages in category "Science Fiction Editors".

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He has worked for Locus, the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop and Shueisha English Edition. Celebrated by critics, Amy Bennet is an author who knows the trade as well as the world of science fiction, phantasy and gruesome advertising. Prizewinning writers sometimes turn to their editors when they feel bogged down by an ongoing work.

Science fiction and fiction stories are best when the writers are creating new words (nobody can say "okay" because the odds are 100% of the language(s) they have not developed), different timings, landmasses (which do not consist of "Earth"), starry landscapes, breeds of characters and social issues.

It has to be about the background of the imaginary planets or imaginary lands, not something that is going on in ours. Or is your storyline an urbane fiction? Background stories must be ingrained in the facts of the earth, but from there the writers can take wings..... delimited by nothing but fantasies that are so much enjoy!

Since 1994 Theodora has been a professional editor, ten of them with her fictional, award-winning series. In this period their writers have won "Book of the Year" in science fiction and "Finalist" and "Winner" in fiction. Their writers often get excellent critiques from Kirkus and Publisher's Weekly. Over the years, she has checked, graded and processed literary works on behalf of at least ninety-nine per cent of her writers, and her work has been rated the highest score for the additional work she puts into assisting her writers to get the best results in creating and improving their work.

Combinate that with her years of study of the writers' lives, Amazon has designed for writers to ensure that their writers know how to get to the "Top 100 Paid on Kindle", and her understanding of how operatives and editors work in the conventional marketplace makes her one of the best "edges" you can have for the overcrowded science fiction and imagination-genre.

In-depth review of your manuscripts, asking a question, pointing out conflict, confusing schedules, characterisation issues, etc. in the script itself, so that the guideline is always there for you when you revise it. Practical editing of contents (also known as copyediting, copyedit, line edit), structural/stylistic editing of your script to make your script available for a conventional agents, a conventional editors, a self-publisher or an e-publisher.

If you wish, work with you on a request and/or synthesis when the script is available for publishing. CARIN GRAHAM, J.D. Editor: Mr. Karin holds a bachelor's in Comparative Literary Studies from the University of Virginia, a JD from William and Mary Law School and a diploma in Ed. from the University of California Berkeley Extension.

Publishes Writer: Kitaeff, J. Malingering, lies and jump science in the courtroom. McCarty, Horwatt & Konarska, "Chronic Stress and Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary Reactivity", Social Science in Medicine 26:3 (1988) 333. As Karin realizes, just because editors can modify a script doesn't mean they should. It is the task of an editorship to emphasize the writer's script, not to redesign it as his own.

He is a full-service journalist specializing in the editing of fiction, especially science fiction/fantasy. It works with both conventional publishing houses and freelance writers to bring their story to life. For individual publications or entire editions, she concentrates on texture, precision and clearness so that writers can communicate successfully with their reader (without painful slip-ups).

Writing fiction and non-fiction herself, she knows the whole creation chain from both sides and knows how to make it work. She thoroughly maintains a script by verifying orthography, grammar, punctuation, formating, and styling; following the characteristics and time line of the narrative; verifying names, data, places, and other technological or historic items; marking any places that could pose a query in the reader's head.

The writers either agree or disagree with the amendments and move on to the next step in their history. Besides proofreading, Caroline provides content processing (also known as line processing), a more in-depth examination of a script without being completely immersed in the development work. It also provides manuscripts for writers looking for instructions for their own work.

She is the writer of eight well-reviewed and award-winning books and has assisted many others with her work. Her love to work on an original and original science fiction or imagination script that takes her to another time. A keen readership and publisher of science fiction and fantasy, she provides the following services:

For the Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions on CBS, she has filmed one of her books and won a number of literature prizes. Besides her own novel work, she likes to help others reach their aims. It knows first-hand how authors profit from the help and assistance of other authors and/or editors.

 JOHN DAVID KUDRICK (BA in Theology / MA in Journalism-Professional Writing: Fiction). Criticism - With a comprehensive review paper and commentated comments/suggestions in your paper, you'll find out how you can make your good work even better. Edit content - Guidance and practical help in reorganising and reworking your storyline to make it even more effective and appealing.

Contains two laps of the drafting revision. Copy - Edit line by line to take charge of your vocabulary, use of words, tone, style and more. Contains two laps of the drafting revision. Contains two laps of the drafting revision. Specializing in science fiction, phantasy and ghosts, FLOYD LARGENT has worked on tens of scripts in every genre.

Qualified as a mathematician, archeologist and author, Mr. Largent is also skilled and widespread in the harsh arts and can help to give your script a certain authenticity and power. Being an SF/F author himself, Mr. Largent knows the area well, as well as its tropics, stereotypes, various sub-areas, peculiarities of literature and what it needs to be released.

Besides the editorial work accompanying publication (in particular with regard to script mechanism, question and answer correspondence, summaries of books and suggestions), contents creation, script assessment and support. He is particularly proud of his strong relationship with the writers he works with and always has plenty of write access. Mr. Largent's released science fiction/speculative fiction, phantasy, and gruesome author: "I've never seen anything like it:

This is Terah Edun, writer of the fantasy of young adults vowed to raise: Courtlight and Red Madrassa: One of the Algardis books, both recently published by Amazon Digital Services. Willam Filaretos, writer of The Potion of Time. High-imagination published by Flywrite Press. This is Magnus Fox, writer of The Secret Bookstore, a modern fable/fantasy, published by Illumination Publications.

Breathing Space writer Ian Fydell: Volume One of the Exodus Trilogy, an award-winning science fiction novel, and its continuation Revelation: The second book of the Exodus trilogy, edited by Legwork Team Publishing. I' m Jimm Grogan, writer of Negative Zero, a science fiction novel by CreateSpace. of a sci-fi novel by Inner Perception LLC.

and Bartered Souls, a sinister imagination that has been publicized by iUniverse. Cradle A. McDonough, writer of the horrific novel The Chronicles of Vladimir, Books 1 and 2, appeared at Amazon Digital Services. J.D. Mulcey, writer of the novel Warphan, by Faydon Press, and Novelle Prospector, by Compass Hill Press.

The Vitandi, a novel by Michelle Rhyne, publisher of LazyDay. Richard Nicholas Strack, writer of Upon a Field of Gold, a book publishing company's book series. The Replacements, a classic novel by Red Adept Publishers. Remedy, a self-published novel about fantasies.

They were both released by Amazon Digital Services (e-book version) and CreateSpace (paperback version). This is Gregory P. Wolk, writer of ten brief romances about fantasies, horrors and thrillers: Shelly Lynnne is the proud "aunt" of over 150 books, novel and story shorts that have been released and distributed to Kensington Publishing, Carina Press, Cerridwen Press, Awe-Struck Publishing, Samhain Publishing, Wings ePress, Bradley Publishing and The Wild Rose Press.

She is an editorial journalist for The Wild Rose Press and has published modern westerly and slight teenage romanticism with warmth ranging from mild to herbal. Beyond romanticism, their fiction strengths are sci-fi, imagination, hedge fiction, young adults, and tales of psychological or preternatural phenom. Empathetic about the "feeling" of a novel, Kelly offers proposals for writers to review with their own back of their minds, while retaining their own voices and drawing authors' attention to the latest fashions in published music.

Development fiction demands an emotive labour input - an input of expenditure of time which Kelly likes to make. He has written over 100 non-fiction books, four shorts and two fiction books. It knows that the writers are supposed to skip through and assists the writers in polishing their entry packages.

Interrogation notes, summaries and formatted professionally are just as important as a well polish work. Stepjen Severne is an award-winning ghost author, journalist, screenwriter and script trainer. Edited by Oscar-winning author Stewart Stern (Rebel Without A Cause), Stephen has worked as an editorial journalist for the bestsellers Tears For My City and The Revved Life.

Eggerichs also worked as a advisor for Robert Beatty's New York Times #1 bestselling Serafina set of children's novels, edited by Disney Hyperion, and as an editorial writer for the #1 bestselling writer Emerson Eggerichs blogs. Stephen's work as an editorial journalist has won 25 major accolades worldwide. His ghostly script was also awarded the title "Best Adaptation" at the Hollywood Book Festival and finished second in the renowned Circus Road Script Competition.

He has authored for skirt magazine and heavymetal sites, movie and TV critics, and cut or printed more than 30 released titles.

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