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sci-fi agents

Frahlingen for science fiction. Sci-Fi remains more interesting and diverse than ever before. Narrow-minded fiction: science fiction, fantasy and horror. Here is a list of agents who are looking for ue. cience fiction, along with current comments from some of them about what they are looking for.

We' re asking some of the best women in the UK to let us know what kind of science fiction and fantasy submissions they're looking for, a.

Do you really write sci-fi?

This is the most interesting and diverse scientific and fictional entertainment industry ever. One can still compose classical outercity operas and find a niche but there is a growing interest in dystopy, collision of genres and any smart idea-driven notion. It is a still lush, profound style, and one could certainly say that the writers Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell have been writing scientific novelism.

Iain Banks and China Mieville are usually not regarded as authors, but they are great authors who produce provocative, thought-provoking, courageous literature. It is a sound, self-confident and internationally influential store. AgentMatch can help you to develop them. Do you really author sci-fi? And we suggest that you think about whether you really want to make sci-fi.

An upcoming suspenseiller with ( (let's say)) an as yet undetected viral could be better marketed as a technical adventure story and be better suited for detective and mystery story agent and editor. A smart novel, like David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, is probably better selled than literature fantasy, whether it uses sci-fi concepts and technique or not.

With our category finder and the thorough use of our agency profiles you get the best possible fitting for your novel. AgentMatch has many scientific minds and you won't want to reach everyone. If you want to create and improve your own list of possible destinations, the best way is to go to our site and use the searching utilities on the links to make your choice.

The choice can be based on genres (e.g. ý sci-fi ), but also on the agent's degree of expertise, his hunger for new customers and much more. AgentMatch match pages help you find the right agency. Browse for the field Genres, click on it and click on "Science Fiction".

Also, the agent lists are screened out. Selecting operatives who like sci-fi gives you a long overview of what's going on, so you'll have to cut them back in some way. Find out whether you prefer to be replaced by a large or a small agent; look for an agent who "wants to create a customer list" instead of "List largely complete"; look for an agent who has been in the market for a little less time, i.e. who is more hungry to win new customers; other applications of the filter lookup.

They should also check the profile of the agent who come to see who really fits your books and who doesn't. A few of our editors like to look at all entries that are coming in, but have no true interest in the game. Other people are particularly interested in the region and would be very pleased to receive your contributions.

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