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Commented list of editors of scientific non-fiction books. Sociology of scientific knowledge. The CPI has developed specific solutions for STMA (science, technology, medicine and science) such as book digitization and print on demand (POD). As a rule, book publishers search in your offer:. Academic Books, Scientific Books, Library Services, Academic Supply, Environmental Literature.

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An academic and technological publishing house with a focus on mathematics, computer science and robotics. ABRAMS, established in 1949 by Harry N. Abrams, was the first in the United States to specialise in the production and sale of fine arts and picture volumes. Today, the firm is a member of the La Martinière Groupe and produces picture volumes in the fields of arts, photographs, cooking, indoor and outdoor decoration, handicrafts, literature, architectural works, amusement, fashion, sport and popular music, children's literature and music.

The Academic Studies Press is an independant scientific publishing house dedicated to the promotion of scientific research and comprehension in the fields of Judaic and Slavic studies in the arts and society. Our excellent, opinion-leading writers and serial writers constantly seek to increase comprehension through our books and discerning guides, to increase the access to classical works through our translation and to stimulate dialog through our scientific editorial.

The Adenine Press is a publisher of periodicals, newsletters, conference papers, abstracts and textbooks in the fields of biology, dynamism, interaction and expressiveness, as well as medical and heathcare. The AMACOM is the American Management Association's publisher. Publications on all economic and other subjects, include healthcare & physical activity, science & engineering, folk and educational psychological issues.

At Ancient Life, we are committed to delivering the highest level of instruction. All of our paleontological and geological information is up-to-date. Ethena is a small publishers specialized in text books that have been authored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty and used in their course. New Zealand's premier academic publishers, which publishes Maori Studios, New Zealand Historical and Biographical articles and is the largest publishers of new poems.

Founded in 1952, Basic Book has dominated the popular discussion by releasing award-winning publications in the fields of science, culture, history, social science, psychological, political and contemporary literature. The Basic Book also releases new works in the fields of Africa and Africa-America literature under the masthead of Basic Civitas. The Begell House website offers a wide range of research and information resources from a variety of fields of science and technology.

The Bellevue Literature Press is dedicated to the publication of literature and non-fiction at the interface of art and science, because we believe that science and the liberal and liberal arts provide us with physical accompaniment to our comprehension of people. Each book we release is designed to promote a comprehensive, multidisciplinary dialog that creates new instruments for thought and engagement with the planet.

But BenBella is a fast-growing, marketing-oriented publisher whose succes is founded on a few basic principals. Our selection of securities is made with caution. We also offer agressive, imaginative advertising for every song we do. Bick Publishing's teenage publisher aims to connect contemporary science and its ethical, communication, philosophical and psychological aspects with the teenage community so that they can make their own informed choices about their own life and futures.

Pro- provocative scientific and general publication in the fields of biological, sexual, alimentation and biosciences. Founded in 2012, we are an independent publishing house dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable and easily available digital and printed literature to anyone interested in science, math and the scientific world. At the moment we are concentrating on science fi lction and "science in fiction", but in the end we will offer you a large selection of high-quality non-fiction titles and schoolbooks.

Attends academic, tertiary and specialist audience in various fields, among them medicine and healthcare science, educational and K9-skills. The Bunker Hill Publishers is an independant company with an interesting collection of art, photographs, science, story and literature for the little ones. The Cambridge Univeristy Press was founded in 1534 and is the editorial arm of the Univeristy of Cambridge.

The Castalia House is a Finnish-based company that values the gold era of science fi lure and fancy music. Belletristic as well as non-fiction with the main emphasis on SF/F, science and warfare. Chelsea Green has been head of a book publication on the policy and practices of sustainability for 26 years.

ChemChemChemical Publishing Company offers high-quality reading to researchers, graduates, engineers, physicians and qualified people. Founded in 1934, the company is one of stm's most renowned scientific and publishing houses. We are proud of our strong portfolio of products in North America, the UK, the European Union, Canada and Australia, serving a variety of industries such as consumers, retail, engineering, chemicals, sustainable development, science, large corporations, global retail organizations and more.

The Chicago Review Press is an impartial publishers established in 1973. In the course of the years we have developed into a vibrant medium-sized printing house with more than 900 publications. Currently we release about 60 new copies under five prints per year: The Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill Books, Ball Publishers, Zephyr Press und Academy Chicago.

The Chicago Review Press writes general articles on a variety of themes ranging from literature on literature, films, popular science, biographies, history and travelling to an award-winning series of children's literature. He has published articles on issues of interest to Afro-Americans, gradual policy, Near East research andeminism. Specializing in gardening textbooks, Zephyr Press releases a series of expert developer publications for schoolteachers.

Publicises non-fiction in the fields of alphabetisation, pedagogy, mathematics, science and engineering, and what we call general knowledge, subjects of general interest to pedagogues, such as teaching methods and thought processes. Publication of extraordinary teaching material for youngsters, schoolteachers, library staff and accompanying mothers. The Cooper Publishing Group produces text, technical and public literature in the fields of sport physics, sport medical science, trainer training, physical training, healthcare and diet as well as bioscience schoolbooks. The biosciences section is published under the heading BIOS.

The Cornell Foundation promotes a wide-ranging and sustainable research mindset by publishing scholarships that are committed, powerful and sustainable. Founded in 1869 as the first US academic newspaper, just after Cornell was founded, the media embodied and promoted the heart and soul of the college by spreading basic and hands-on information while maintaining its own distinctive publishing image.

As part of an institute to promote the state, the media is also devoted to converting research into publication that reaches and benefits the general population. The works in the imprint mirror the obligation to excel through strict assessment, skilful editorial, sophisticated designs, systematic planning, systematic sales and worldwide use. Publishers of handbooks and reference books for the building sector.

Published under three imprints: Dowglas & McIntyre produces policy and news; Greystone Buch concentrates on the areas of environmental, science, science, sport and open-air leisure; and New Society Publishers concentrates on environmental and societal equity. Darwin Press produces textbooks in the areas of science and biological science, Middle East and Central Asia, world business, academic monographies, historic memoir and related pocket text.

DaTaTrace specialises in legal and medical publications, risk management programmes, training and association management. Publisher of high-quality publications and technical publications for doctors and other health care professionals in the key areas of neuro-, medical physics and physiotherapy, physiology and cancer. In 2004, Demos Medical Publishing was taken over by Mannheim Holdings, LLC, a Mannheim Trust New York based company, and is still one of the few remaining independant publishers in this area.

Editor of periodicals, reference works, CD-ROMs, conference reports and technical periodicals in the field of high tech and technics. We have agents and dealers selling our products all over the know. The DAP mainly issues publications at all stages from the first year of study to the level of post-graduate and research. The Eburon Academic Publishers is an independant publishing house specialising in the arts and society.

Concentrating on the worlds of idea and behavior, our research includes research in the fields of philosophies, theologies, psychology, organisation and leadership, social sciences and sex. Our publishing activities include monographic, textbook and academic periodicals. Technip edits on all facets of the petroleum and related industries such as petroleum, hydrocarbons, data handling and business.

Elgar Publishing is a global leader in academia and professions with a keen emphasis on law and economics. Each year we produce 350 publications and have successfully compiled a renowned listing of over 5,500 of them. As a leader in science and healthcare information, Elsevier produces magazines, data bases and textbooks to improve the services of science, healthcare and technological people.

The Eridanus Press was created to promote the best of the best of all cultures: arts, science, religious, political, economic and social. We are a market place for people interested in new and provoking reading. Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG) is an US book publisher created in 1946 by Roger W. Straus, Jr. and John C. Farrar.

It is known for its worldwide listing of literature, non-fiction, poems and children's literature. Founded in 1907, Fordham Universtity Print, the 7th oldest academic print media in the state and the oldest academic print media in the state of Cathr. Currently, the media publish ninety volumes a year, mainly in the arts and society, with an excellent record of award-winning study in the areas of manuscripts, communication, literature, philosophical research, politics, religion, psychology and divinity, with an accent on multidisciplinary work.

This is a streamlined company with ten staff members who manage a rugged printing and digitally published programme through effective workflows and collaboration. Hansa Publications, LLC is a 100% affiliate of Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co.KG Munich, Germany. We are the leading publishers for plastic engineering and metal processing title.

For a long time our widespread publication has been the spine of the plastic and production industrie for producers and teachers. We offer a wide range of educational and industrial products. Our products are perfect for your general production needs. Atlantic Monthly Press was established in 1917 and is one of two Grove Atlantic hardback prints.

A book publisher from the prestigious Atlantic Monthly Magazin, AMP won several Pulitzer Prizes and National Book Awards and featured the best-selling title Mutiny at the Bounty; Goodbye, Mr. Chips; The Soul of a New Maschine; and Blue Highway; Fire in the Lake; Fire in the Fools.

1986 the Presse was seperated from the Magazin by new proprietors and founded as an autonomous publisher. With this new direction, the media released writers such as Raymond Carver, Ron Chernow (National Book Award 1990), J. P. Donleavy, Richard Ford, Francisco Goldman, Jay McInerney, P. J. O'Rourke, Rian Malan, Jeanette Winterson, Tobias Wolff, Sherman Alexie, Mark Bowden and Charles Frazier in the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s.

Humboldt-based Hathaway provides textbook and related material for the academic and vocational market in the areas of applied sciences, communication, literacy and education, and sport and physical activity sciences. Humboldt House has published renowned novels for children and grown-ups in the areas of science, culture, literature, sport, art, history, cookery, travel guide and newsworthiness. Editor of teaching and technical texts for grown-ups.

Established in 1992, International Press of Boston, Inc. is a scientific publisher located in Somerville, Massachusetts (near Harvard University). The book publishes high-ranking books on mathematic and mathematic physic, among them books, text books and several long-running booklets. The International Press employs a global pool of talented writers and writers, who include many of the most important and important math professionals in their field.

is a 100% daughter of the Institute of Physics. Part of IOP Publishings is a series of periodicals, e-books, periodicals, web sites and research facilities that help scientists and research institutions get the broadest possible public for their research. Combining the corporate cultures of a scholarly community with worldwide coverage and high-efficiency and effective publication frameworks and procedures.

Publishers specialising in science schoolbooks. Title in Biochemistry, Ph. It is a worldwide publishers specialized in academia, marketing its product to academics and users, college educators and academics, as well as scientists, engineers, researchers as well as practicians in science, technology, medicine and science. You should also release the book serial "For Dummies".

The JHU Press is one of the world's biggest publishers, which publishes 80 scientific magazines and almost 200 new titles every year. Prizewinning listings in the fields of science, literature, history, politics and medical science are reaching a global public of academics, student and demanding audiences. Public interest such as the celebrated Johns Hopkins Press Health Book helps Gilman's mission to spread the knowledge of top researchers, academics and Doctors.

Published and sold Natural History titles, The Mad River Press specialises in the systematisation and biological aspects of fungus, especially mushroom. Publication of peer-reviewed audiovisual contents in the most emerging areas of biotechnologies, bio-medical research, hospital and surgical science, technique and technologies, environment research and policies, justice and business, and the environment, as well as in the fields of human resources and humanity.

It is a scientific publishing house that is defending, refuting and reinterpreting the game. Featuring over 2,500 printed titles and countless accolades and best-sellers, our aim is to create works that are peer-reviewed, strictly editorial, nicely made, smart and interesting. Jointly owned by McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, MQUP specializes in the perspectives of Canada and publishes on global issues and attracts the New York Times' interest.

It is a small, family-run private publisher in the UK. The Missouri Wetland Garden Press, part of the Missouri Wetland Garden Research Department, is playing a pivotal part in the garden's quest to explore and learn about the world of plant life. MBG Press provides an important market for the distribution of botanic research through the Annals of the Missouri botanical garden and Novon, floras quaterly and other periodicals, which include the Missouri botany monographs from the Missouri garden.

NH Publishers is an Aussie based in London, Sydney and Auckland. The standard for high trendy qualitiy, non-fiction in all fields such as cookery and healthcare, nature and horticulture, sports, travelling, biography, true criminality, self-help and references to daring, extensive couchtable textbooks with the most vibrant full-colour images.

Nor'easter was founded in 2003 in Eastport, Maine, and is a small traditionally read and published specialized in textbooks, scientific references, textbooks, trading and general interest literature in the fields of shipbuilding, boat building, yacht building, nautical and scientific seafaring . The Ox Bow News is an independant scientific publishers that publishes both new publications and reproductions of lasting value, especially in the fields of science theory and philosophies, Hawaiiana and the ocean.

With Paul Dry Journals, our goal is to release living literature "to wake, please and educate" - and to stimulate dialog. Belletristic, novel and storytelling, non-fiction, memoir, story and essay on topics from Homer to Chekhov, birdwatching to Japanese and New York City to Japanese shoguns.

The Penguin Group has published under a broad array of celebrity imprint and brand names including titles such as Vicky, G.P. Putnam's Sons, The Penguin Press, Riverhead Books, Dutton, Penguin Books, Berkley Books, Gotham Books, Portfolio, New American Library, Plume, Tarcher, Philomel, Grosset & Dunlap, Puffin and Frederick Warne. Founded in 1995, Picador has quickly become one of the nation's foremost brands of literature and non-fiction.

Besides the publication of originals in hardback, genuine hardback and eBook, Picador is the original hardback for Macmillan and publishes pocket books by Farrar Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt & Co. and St. Martin's Press. Among the Picador writers of literature and non-fiction are Pulitzer Prize laureates Michael Chabon, Michael Cunningham, Jeffrey Eugenides, Thomas L. Friedman, Tony Horwitz and Marilynne Robinson, National Book Award laureates Jonathan Franzen, Shirley Hazzard, Denis Johnson, Richard Powers and Susan Sontag, and Nobel Prize laureates Nadine Gordimer, Herta Müller, Mario Vargas Llosa and Patrick White.

Picador's acclaimed enigma includes works by Benjamin Black, Jason Goodwin, Arnaldur Indridason, Lars Kepler and Jacqueline Winspear. Plexus is not only a local (NJ) publishing house, but also produces biological and ecological publications. We have a book collection ranging from technical-scientific works to stories, folk music and fiction.

Profiles Books was established in April 1996 by Andrew Franklin and Stephen Brough to provide inspiring non-fiction in a variety of areas ranging from historical, economic, economic, scientific and biographical subjects with a touch of comedy. Purdue Univeristy Press is committed to disseminating scientific and commercial information and to selecting, developing and distributing top level research materials in various core areas for which the mother institution is renowned, among them the economy, engineering, health, vets and other select scientific and scientific subjects.

A Purdue Unversity scientific group and a Purdue Libraries division, the press is also a partnership for the Unversity and employees, centres and divisions who want to share the results of their research. RoLogledge is a worldwide editor of scientific literature, periodicals and on-line resource in the fields of arts and society.

We have the most lively text and the best research with over 35,000 printed works in our range of publications. The Rutgers University Press is devoted to promoting and disseminating information to scientists, academics, and the general population. Press coverage is a reflection and expansion of the university's key tasks: research, teaching and services.

The work of our writers is supported by extraordinary periodicals that influence crucial topics, stimulate discussions and enriches education worldwide for a broad readership. In collaboration with writers around the globe, we are looking for works that satisfy high demands on editing, make it easier to share information, improve classroom instruction and make science available to a broad readership.

Scientific editor in the fields of science, geosciences, geology, flora, zoology, physics, sociology, meteorology. Publicises scientific periodicals and abstracts as well as reference works and schoolbooks. The SCI is an education publishers committed to the development of high-quality scientific programmes for secondary schools and grammar schools. All of our course manuals are recognised guides in experimental, practice-oriented science teaching.

Our programmes teach through scientific experimentation, the compilation of information, the discussion of results and the conclusion of results on the basis of their experiential work. Editor of some of the best scientific papers in the field of biotechnology. In addition to the lifesciences, our publishing interests include mathematics & statistics, computer science, medicine and geotechnics.

The Sentient Publications book is the result of the researcher's mind and the wealth of the intrinsic dialog between author and readers. Seven Stories Press was established in New York City in 1995 and is the name of the seven writers who worked for a house with a wild, independend spiritu.

Although Seven Stories is best known for its publications on political, civil liberties and socioeconomic equity, it is still committed to the literary world, with a collection of original novel works, award-winning volumes of poems, as well as translation of French, Hispanic, Hebrew, Estonian, German, Hungarian, Slovenian, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Greek, Koreanian, Russian and Arabian.

Sterling Publishing was established in 1949 and is one of the world's premier non-fiction publishers. We' re one-of-a-kind because we have the coverage of the big publishers and yet the enthusiasm and creative spirit of an independant journal. Stone-age Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, stand-alone research centre devoted to archeological research into mankind and technology developments.

The aim of the Stone Age Institute is to promote research and training in the study of mankind, which includes community assistance to guest researchers, the publishing of literature and essays, the care of the next generations of researchers of global talents and intelligence, and the provision of literacy to the general population.

Syngetic Press is a highly independient publishing company with subsidiaries in Santa Fe, New Mexico and London, England. We have been publishing articles that change paradigms for over thirty years. Synergetic Press's founding members and employees are biosphere and environment science innovators, and our company can look back on almost four centuries of experimentation in art and science.

In the social and humanities, we are publishing social science and humanities literature under the headings Routledge, Psychology Press and Focal Press. Science, Technology and Medical publications are edited by CRC Press and Garland Science. The Tech Science Press produces publications and abstracts of world-renowned writers and sophisticated research in the fields of science and technology. The Tenth Street is a long-established publishing house that produces publications in digital and printed form.

The Texas Tech Univerity Press, the university's book publication agency since 1971 and a member of the Association of American Univerity Presses since 1987, promotes research and science through the publication of literature and journal. It is the task of the press to spread the fruit of science in as many different ways as it serves the widest constituencies of the universities in the whole country, the country and the whole time.

Each year the press releases 25 to 30 new publications and has around 400 printed publications. Press has listings of U.S. freedom and fairness; costumes and textiles study; Texas and Western Texas and Western history as well as the Great Plains and contemporary Southeast Asia during and after the Vietnam War; Judaic study and literary; South American and Roman Amerindian literary works; environmental and scientific science; and sports in the Occident.

The press also issues several scientific magazines, young reader serials, the Walt McDonald First-Book Competition in Poetry, and literature from Texas and the West. It is an independant publishing house focusing on nutrition (and how to breed, prepare and eat it), healthcare and physical activity, ecology and individual growth, education, relations, sex, science and the outdoors.

University of British Columbia Press is Canada's premier publishers of scientific research in the field of society. Internationally renowned for the publication of high-quality works of science, our publications are based on and mirror cutting-edge research, shifting the limits of scholarly debate in innovation. UBC Press releases seventy new publications each year in a variety of areas, among them abstract study, Asia study, Canada historiography, environment study, literature on sex and womens issues, geographical research, healthcare and nutrition, legal, communication and communication, defence and safety study, research on planing and cities, and government.

Editors of textbooks, procedures and paperwork for the American Astronautical Society on Mars Exploration, Space Travel, Planetetary Mission, JPL, Mission Control, NASA, Astronomy, Astronautics, Science, Astrophysics, Spaceflight Dynamics, the story of astronautics, human-maschine interactions, solar mission, planet research, spacecraft and more.

Universal Publishers is a book and magazine publishers and mother of three specialized publishers of textbooks and academics (Universal-Publishers, BrownWalker Press & As a return service for the sales and marketing opportunities, we provide a wide range of publishers, large-scale sales, equitable remuneration, several press releases and individual support. The Presse, established in 1959, is a non-profit publishers of scientific and local literature.

Each year we produce about 55 published and more than 1,600 printed works. This includes scientific degrees in archeology, ecology, anthropology, archeology, ecology, history, tribalism, Latinx study, Latino America study and aerospace science, as well as the award-winning Sun Tracks and Camino del Sol literature and poetic work. One of the most prestigious publishing houses in the United States, the UC P Press is enriching life around the globe by sponsoring scholarships in the arts, society and more.

The UC Press Foundation and individual and institutional philanthropical support support its work. University of Washington Press has about 4,400 publications, of which about 1,400 are currently in press. Nowadays, we launch around seventy new publications every year, which have made a name for themselves as a major publishing house for scientific literature.

University Press of Colorado is a not-for-profit publishing company sponsored in part by Adams State College, Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, Mesa State College, Metropolitan State University of Denver, the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado, and Western State Colorado University. The University Science Books publish excellent books in the fields of science, engineering, chemistry, ecology, science and engineering.

The Upper Access Group releases non-fiction to enhance people' s lives. You release only a few new publications per year with a strong emphasis on qualitiy. The Vintage Book is the leading publishers of paperbacks. Established in 1953, Inchor is the oldest pocket book publishers in America. W. W. Norton & Co. is an US publishers headquartered in New York City.

Now in its ninetyth year and with an annuity of 400 publications, W.W. Norton is a worldwide corporation whose well-known gull emblem appears in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Latin America. He' a textbook editor for science. Editor of high-quality, award-winning literature and non-fiction in the fields of auto-biography, economy, culinary art, economy, literature, history as well as populary.

1991 taken over by The Orion Publishing Group. Founded in 1981, World Academic Publishing Company (WSPC) has become one of the world' s premier publishers and the biggest global science publishing house in the Asia-Pacific area. Headquartered in Singapore and with branches in New Jersey, California, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Sydney and Chennai, it annually produces more than 450 titles and 125 magazines in various areas of science, engineering, medical, business and economy.

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