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A list of science fiction publishers. The DAW is an imprint of penguin books. An acclaimed science fiction and fantasy publisher, Angry Robot occasionally immerses itself in related genres (such as urban fantasy, steampunk and horror). This is our long and growing list of science fiction book publishers. However, your submission criteria are very specific.

Publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Every great writer is backed by a talented editorial staff, printer, cover artist, marketer and sales specialist.... all untold champions of the publisher world. Here is a listing of the top SF/F/H publishers, big and small, who have allowed us to savour all the science fiction fantasy and horror award-winning screenplay.

WWEnd's data base contains over 650 publishers, which you can view. Have a look at our featured publisher. In the following you will find a listing of the best SF/F/H publishers in the WWEnd data base who have been nominated at least 10 times for the 16 prizes covered by us.

"18 science fiction and fantasy publishers

In the past year we have released a short listing of science fiction publishers who are open to unasked contributions. We have since audited a number of other science fiction and fantasy publishers that do not need an agent. The majority of these publishers are interested in science fiction and fantasy. There are some who only release one of these categories.

There are others who release many different kinds of book styles and styles, and sci-fi and phantasy are just one of many. Others are impressions of large publishers. Each publisher is briefly described on this page, but clicking on the links will take you to our full reviews.

Verification will include information on submissions and linking to their sites. The DAW is an impressum of penguin-leaflets. They' re publishing sci-fi and phantasy novels. For the full report click here. An acclaimed sci-fi and phantasy publishing house, Angry Robot sometimes immerses itself in related categories (such as Urban Phantasy, Steam Punk and Horror).

Your offered agreement includes printed, e-book and audiobook copyrights. Here you can find our complete report. Book/BelleBridge is a reputable independant publishers. You' re an author of sci-fi and phantasy novels and a host of other categories. For the full report click here. The Great Old Ones is a newer e-book and print-on-demand publishers focusing on the release of horrors, but also sci-fi, vapour punks and fantasies.

For the full report click here. Headquartered in Canada, Ericsson is one of Canada's most renowned publishers of sci-fi and fantasy. For more information, please click here. This is a small publishing house that is generally well reputed and produces a large number of genres of literature, which includes sci-fi. For more information, click here.

The Ticonderoga Publications is a small printing company that has been in existence since 1996. You concentrate on the publication of fictional literature. This means they are open to a multitude of sub-genres such as fantastic, sci-fi, horror, vapour punks and para-normal. In addition, they produce a series of annual publications.

For more information, please click here to view our full report. He is a small e-publisher who releases a multitude of different categories, among them sci-fi. For more information, please click here. The Ghost Pines Publishing is an independant media devoted to obscure phantasy-diction. You go too far to describe the concept of black imagination, but the key points seem to be that black imagination is appealing to the monster itself and plays with imaginative features in a modern environment.

Click here to view our full report. He is one of the best-known editors of sci-fi and phantasy stories. For more information, please click here to view our full reviews. r/Forge publishes sci-fi and fantasy series. Forge/Tor is an impressum of Macmillan, one of the five major publishers. One of the most renowned sci-fi publishers, Tor has won the Locus Award for Best SF Publishing House for 26 years in a row. 26-year history.

We will be posting our full reviews soon, but you can view the entry policy here (scroll down). Ghostwood' s Ghostwoods is a small publishing house that has been in existence for five years. You are publishing paperbacks and e-books. You are publishing sci-fi, phantasy, fictional speculation and non-gore adult horror-romances.

Click here to view our full report. This is a small media that releases a large selection of textbooks which includes sci-fi. All of their work is published in printed and electronical form. For more information, please click here. One of the largest freelance e-publishers publishing a large number of book genres, among them sci-fi and phantasy.

For more information, please see our report. DUBLEL Dragon Publishers is currently focusing on science fi lm, horror, thriller/suspense and dark fantasy. We will publish our full reviewer soon, but until then you can find out more on their website. WiDo is a small-scale, family-run publishers of literature and non-fiction.

Currently they are particularly interested in sci-fi, phantasy, mystery/suspense and non-fiction essays and memori. Click here to view our full report. An original editions company that wants to create a new and integrative room at the gradual brink of the fictional age. The Back Hall Press searches for scripts in a variety of styles, such as sci-fi, slipstream, mystique, fear and all sub-categories of romantic.

We are preparing our full reviewer, but you can check their website here. Random House's pure digitally -printed Hydra focuses on sci-fi, phantasy and scarecrows. We are preparing our full report, but you can check out their website here.

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