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Get exercise books to write at home, at school or at work with the huge range of Officeworks. Exercise books are bound in strong cardboard with blue spine. Learn more about "Creative writing book", write a review or buy online. Writing checklists? This Writing Checklist was created by Shareen Mayers to help schools write.

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Empower your kids to benefit from all facets of books with our designs and inspiration to involve the school in writing creatively. This section contains case histories, resource and maps to help you and your classmates on your writing trip. Beyond Booked Up is a program for both 7th and 8th grade learners and provides a set of available learning materials to support the development of language, literacy, listening, writing and literacy for 11-13 year-olds.

Buchbuzz has a whole school of writing methodology, which includes case stories, design assistance resources and project writing inspiration from the books. First grade students are given the resources "Create Your Own Book", which allows the student to design their own books and make choices about what the books are, what they need and what they want to use.

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It is confusingly rewarding for most folks to accept using a new laptop for the first one. It is important to know the size of the book, because the thinner it is, the less likely it is that the stylus will point to the other side. When you use a nib, the thinner it is, the better.

Sizing is critical: whether you select A4, A5 or A6; don't buy a laptop that's too big to slip into your pocket. Weights between 80 and 170 grams per square meter (GSM): The heavy the media, the thinner and more stable it is, which means less leakage of inks to the next page.

It is also important because it can decide whether or not the laptop stays open on the desktop and how stable it is. We' ve even written in it to make sure the papermaking is of the right standard. Featuring a plain but slim styling, this book has a conical rim that prevents the bindings from penetrating the side.

It is uncoated and structured. If you like to scribble, the higher page weights make this book good for both drafting and writing. The elegant black-edged pages with an appealing marbel pattern are far from the modest beginnings of Catalan notebooks, available in either the original or the bagged A6.

Yarn and adhesive binding, the sides are ruled and filler-friendly. Muji again ships the goods with a basic and inexpensive laptop in its typical minimalist design. A thin piece of papermaking means that the side is filled with inks. This 13x21cm Moleskine memo book, based on the Yellow Submarine film, is a tribute to one of the great UK acts.

Yarn and adhesive binding, all sides ruled. If you tend to lose things, the notepad has a "In case of loss" page. The Happy Jackson's Great Ideas A5 laptop is the perfect case. Holland based designer has designed a notepad with a classy meshed front. It may take some getting used to writing in it, but it's definitely a good idea for the slim lines.

A little smaller than size 5, glued. 70 years ago, Landon Edwards, creator of Stationers Inc, halved a regular A4 laptop and created the legendary newscaster. It is padded and the top binding with a helix allows a quick turning over of the pages.

Gold-plated borders and a silky-screened, green book mark on the sides so you don't loose your place. One of the more modest laptops we've tested, the Black Choosing Maintaining A5 notebook's sleek imitation leather case and sides bordered in reds make it the most classy and popular.

It' singular, but easy to handle and its thick, structured sheet makes it stands out from the mass.

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